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Automatic sample application is a key factor for productivity of the TLC laboratory. The requirements for an instrument serving this purpose, i.e. precision, robustness during routine use and convenient handling are fully met by the Automatic TLC Sampler 4.


The ATS 4 offers fully automatic sample application for qualitative and quantitative analyses as well as for preparative separations. It is suited for routine use and high sample throughput in mass analysis.



Key features of the Automatic TLC Sampler 4 at a glance:


·          Fully automatic sample application, suitable for routine

·          Application of spots, bands, or rectangles

·          Data input and monitoring through winCATS

·          Application of sample solutions onto any planar medium

·          Application of sample volumes between 0.1 and 5 microliter by contact transfer

·          Spray-on application of sample volumes between 0.5 and > 50 microliter

·          Operation under winCATS - Planar Chromatography Manager

·          Increased flexibility with the FreeMode program of winCATS (application of solutions onto any planar medium)

·          Compliant with requirements of GMP/GLP

·          Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operation Qualification (OQ) provided

·          Usage in a 21 CFR Part 11 environment under winCATS.


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