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bioluminizerToxicity screening of complex mixtures following separation on a HPTLC plate is a new technique invented by Bayer. Now Chromadex has incorporated this technology into a commercial kit (Bioluminex®) utilizing the bioluminescent bacteria, Vibrio fischeri. Following separation detection is required.


The CAMAG BioLuminizer® is the perfect detector for this exceptionally innovative approach.


CAMAG created an optimized system for detecting bioluminescence patterns on TLC plates. The BioLuminizer® is the system, which has been specifically designed to balance the need for sensitivity, cost effectiveness and ease of use.      



State of the Art Bioluminescence Detection


·          High resolution cooled CCD camera with a first grade chip of the latest generation.

·          Exceptionally high quantum efficiency of up to 65% for short exposure times.

·          State of the Art 16 bit data acquisition detects smallest change in intensity.

·          Resolution optimized to resolve all details on the TLC plate following treatment with Bioluminex®.



Perfect Conditions for Vibrio fischeri


·          Optimized TLC plate compartment to preserve a favorable environment for luminescent bacteria like Vibrio fischeri.

·          No dry-out, the bacteria are kept moist and luminescent for hours.

·          Stable environment allowing long term and differential measurements.

·          Predictable bioluminescence activity for reproducible results.

·          compact System, user-friendly handling, easy to clean setup


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