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With visionCATS CAMAG have developed a state-of-the-art software for qualitative HPTLC analysis that supports chromatographers who use HPTLC for quality control, identification, and detection of adulteration, as well as stability studies in various fields of application. visionCATS can either be run on a single workstation or in a multi-user lab network. For the moment the software is geared to qualitative work including all aspects of qualitative HPTLC be it for cGMP compliant routine work or flexible scientific research.



  • Side by side comparison of individual tracks from the same or different plates
  • Sophisticated algorithms ensuring best image quality for identification of even weakest zones
  • Clean plate image correction for background noise minimization
  • Powerful file explorer with extensive search/filter capabilities and preview functionality
  • Customizable, user defined report arrangement
  • HPTLC Method Library for seamless import of validated methods
  • State of the art three-tier client/server architecture
  • Scalability - single workstation or multi-user lab network
  • Flexible user levels “default” - “easy” - “expert” to meet individual demands
  • Various small tools making HPTLC analysts life easier
  • One single platform to control, perform and document HPTLC analyses

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