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wincatslogowinCATS - Planar Chromatography Manager


"winCATS organizes the work flow of instrumental Thin-Layer Chromatography"


winCATS is the name of the novel integrated software concept, which incorporates all steps of Thin-Layer Chromatography. The modular design of winCATS allows the option to select or deselect any step of the procedure as necessary for the given analytical task.



With respect to instrument control, data collection, evaluation and documentation winCATS sets new standards. The tree structure depicting the workflow (similar to the «explorer» view) helps you stay in control of the sequence of each activated step of the workflow:


·          Preparation: input of plate material and pre-treatment of the separation layer

·          Definition of samples, standards, and calibration method, if applicable

·          Sample application: selection of application device, input of control parameters and monitoring their execution (for manual devices in each step full documentation is possible)

·          Chromatogram development: selection of the instrument, input of control parameters and monitoring their execution

·          Derivatization (pre- or post chromatographic)

·          Detection: selection of the instrument, input of control parameters and monitoring their execution, integration and peak assignment

·          Quantitative evaluation: calculation and presentation of results

·          Documentation: selection of camera, input of control parameters and monitoring the image capture, simple functions such as annotation etc.

·          Electronic signature: part of the option 21CFR part 11 «compliant ready», additional parts include the automatically created «Audit-Log» and «System-Log» and several security relevant functions.

·          Image Comparison Viewer for simultaneous display of tracks form individual samples or groups of samples from different TLC plates or analysis. For more details see the actual CAMAG flash



For winCATS controlled instruments the steps used in the each analysis are automatically performed and documented. For instruments that are not controlled by winCATS the user manually documents parameters through input dialogs. All data including images, which pertain to the current analysis, are finally saved by winCATS in one file and can be printed at any time.



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