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CambTEK appoint Kovalent as Exclusive Partner for Scandinavia


CambTEK (Cambridge, UK) have appointed Kovalent (Göteborg, Sweden) as their exclusive Partner for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Under the agreement Kovalent will be responsible for Sales and Service of the CambTEK Rapid Extraction System (RES), while adding value to customers with a range of complementary services.

CambTEK launched the Rapid Extraction System (RES) to address the long-standing issue of poor quality of data and productivity of solid dose testing, aimed primarily at the pharmaceutical and food industries. The RES is built on a scientific understanding of dissolution and liquid flow as opposed to the traditional invasive homogenization and automation of human processes. It is a very intuitive and user-friendly scientific instrument that will substantially ease bottlenecks in sample preparation for food and drugs companies.


Dr Hugh Malkin, CEO at CambTEK said, “We are delighted to work with Kovalent in Scandinavia. Kovalent are a long standing, highly professional and competent distributor, and an ideal partner to support the CambTEK Rapid Extraction System.  We believe our partnership to be a very good fit between an innovative product with significant features and benefits, and a technically orientated distributor that delivers excellent service and support to RES customers”


Jan Brattberg at Kovalent said, “Recently I was contacted by CambTEK, and when I saw the video about RES on the internet, it took me just seconds to say: - "Yes, we want to go Nordic with this instrument!" I can't recall when a product impressed me as much as the RES instrument did. I started in the instrument business in 1984 and since that day I have never seen such a natural and self-evident innovation. We will have a very exciting launch of the RES in the near future. It will definitely be a game changer for these types of samples when it comes to productivity and quality/reliability, and as a bonus companies will also reduce their cost per sample as well.”


For more information on the CambTEK RES, please visit our website

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