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TLC Visualizer


The TLC Visualizer captures images that are, without a doubt, of the best quality in the field. The system provides illumination with direct and/or transmitted white light as well as with direct UV 254 nm and UV 366 nm light. An integrated powerful 12 bit camera with highly linear CCD chip and excellent color reproduction captures the images with the whole process conveniently controlled by the TLC software.

Key features

  • Quick and intuitive operation.
  • Optimized light sources for improved homogeneity of the illumination of a plate under UV 254, UV 366, white light (direct light and/or transmitted light).
  • Powerful high resolution 12 bit CCD camera with outstanding linearity.
  • Automatic image optimization for all illumination modes in combination with fixed capture parameters ensure highest reproducibility of images from the same plate. This provides the basis for reliable comparison of images taken from different plates.
  • Saving of all images taken of the same plate in a single analysis file together with all other analytical data.
  • Option «Professional Image Enhancement» provides perfect illumination based on individual measurements and corrections of each instrument, advanced clean plate correction, and built-in matrix color correction.
  • Option «Image Comparison Viewer» for comparing selected tracks from multiple images / plates on the same screen. For quantitative evaluation images captured with winCATS can be exported to the optional evaluation software «VideoScan».

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TLC Visualizer

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