Horizon - Ny agentur hos Kovalent

Horizon appoint Kovalent as Exclusive Partner for Sweden and Denmark

Horizon (Salem, USA) has appointed Kovalent (Göteborg, Sweden) as their exclusive Partner for Sweden and Denmark. Under the agreement Kovalent will be responsible for Sales and Service of the Horizon products.

Horizon has recently launched several new products to address the sample prep market. The Horizon products are built from a deep understanding of the Chemistry condition to perform “second to none”. By this scientific understanding of sample preparation Horizon has developed a range of products that have several unique features in solid face extraction and evaporation.

The European Export Manager Jef Leemans said “We are very happy to be able to work with Kovalent on the Swedish and Danish market. Kovalent is a well and experienced company that have understood that good relation and strong support is the key for success for the sample prep market. We believe that our innovative product will be a very good match within todays Kovalent product portfolio. By this we know that Kovalent will provide excellent service and support to our customers. “The task to automate SPE column market with Horizons new products is something that we see as a big challenge”. Said Kovalent CEO Jan Brattberg. “We can see that Horizon is a very dedicated and focused company which is a sign for a passionate partner for healthy business, we will have an exciting autumn together”.

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