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There are many reasons for choosing an SFC system for separations. Supercritical Fluid chromatography has often been cited as an alternative to Normal Phase HPLC (NPLC), however it is much more than that.  SFC is truly an orthogonal technique to Reverse Phase HPLC (RPLC) and offers a much greater capability than simple NPLC separations. Samples that can be separated by RPLC can often be separated by SFC and in many cases with better resolution, higher column loading and faster run times.

SFC has long been the method of choice for chiral separations, but with the large range (and growing rapidly) of stationary phases available  SFC is now becoming a powerful tool for achiral separations, both analytically and for sample prep.

Jasco systems:

Analytical SFC-New

Semi-prep SFC-New

Preparative SFC-New

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