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Symbios Pro

Symbiosis ProSymbiosisTM Pro

Symbiosis Pharma is Spark Holland's unique solution for integrated online SPE-LC-MS automation (XLC-MS). The system offers large flexibility in processing different types of samples selecting one of the three fully automated operational modes LC-MS (direct LC without SPE); XLC-MS (online SPE coupled to LC-MS); AMD (advanced method development). The combination of a highly selective online SPE and a superb top line autosampler makes this dedicated high throughput Pharma system the best tool for direct injection of raw biological samples. The zero sample loss injection mode offers the best possible results even when there is little sample volume available (5 µL injection out of a 8 µL sample).

Superb Analytical Performance

  • 100% fresh High Performance sorbent for each sample
  • 100% reproducible and traceable assay conditions for each sample
  • Analyte enrichment & peak focusing for highest assay sensitivity
  • Advanced Method Development (AMD

Improve Workflow

  • Simultaneous sample prep & LC
  • Automated solvent mixing
  • Multi assay processing
  • Integrated software control in SparkLinkTM, AnalystTM, XcaliburTM and MasslynxTM
  • More samples per day per analyst

Cut Method Development

  • Generic templates for Acidic, Basic and Neutral compounds
  • Instant feedback during method optimizing
  • Test more variables in less time

      No more compromising assay quality

All SymbiosisTM online SPE Systems process multiple batches/assays fast and reliably, with the highest analytical performance, fully unattended. They also have all the tools to perform method development using a systematic approach which generates a working online SPE method in just a few days. These versatile workhorses are a safe investment and allow you to perform more projects with the highest assay performance in the same time and use the full MS capacity to the lab's economical benefit.


Kontakt: Mikael Alfredsson på Göteborgskontoret, 0709-119309
Mats Grapne på Stockholms-kontoret, 0709-119301

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