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Spark Holland is introducing XPrezzo: affordable online SPE that combines with any LC/MS system. Xtremely easy to program with just a couple of entries on the touchscreen.

XPrezzo is the name of a new product in the Symbiosis family of online SPE systems. XPrezzo combines the Automated Cartridge Exchange (ACE) module and the High Pressure Dispenser (HPD) module in a single cabinet and has embedded control software taking care of the entire SPE procedure. Just a few selections on the touchscreen suffice to execute an entire online SPE procedure. Simply place the SPE solvents and the SPE cartridges of your choice and press start. This straightforward way of operation plus multiple I/O control enables integration of the module into virtually any LC/MS system using just a couple of hardwired connections. No need for a driver in your LC/MS system software!

Both the HPD and the ACE module have been redesigned to create a very compact system, that will fit on top of most HPLC pumps. Obviously XPrezzo combines perfectly with the Spark Holland HPLC pumps and autosamplers as well.

XPrezzo features:

  • Touchscreen to select mode of operation: LC, XLC, system wash, system preparation
  • 96 SPE cartridges in a single tray
  • Metered High Pressure solvent delivery for SPE
  • Selection from 5 SPE solvents
  • Rf transponder checks SPE cartridge type and how many times it has been re-used
  • Type of cartridge tray determines what SPE method will be used (via Rf transponder)
  • online SPE system pressure up to 280 bar (4000 psi)
  • Same cartridge palette as for other Symbiosis systems

Kontakt: Mikael Alfredsson på Göteborgskontoret, 0709-119309
Mats Grapne på Stockholms-kontoret, 0709-119301

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