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Symbiosis - How it works

Symbiosis - how it works

Watch the video and get an impression of the concept of Symbiosis for advanced online solid phase extraction

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Precise SPE

High pressure SPE provides a constant SPE flow rates. During sample loading, sample wash and clean-up, the solvent flow rate over the SPE cartridge is constant and not influenced by SPE back pressure variations, thus reducing the contribution of sample preparation variation to assay precision.

Less sample pre-treatment

In contrast to off-line SPE, high pressure online SPE with exchangeable cartridges does not require filtration or even protein precipitation prior to SPE.

Higher assay sensitivity

SPE cartridges with small sized particles act as a disposable ‘mini-LC' column whith as many as 250 theoretical plates per SPE cartridge. This enables very efficient sample clean up and permits elution of the analytes in very small volumes. This reduces analyte dilution and consequently yields higher analyte signals.

SPE and LC in parallel for high throughput

Typically, with a LC pump flow of 1 ml/min, all analytes are eluted on-line to the LC column within 30 seconds. After the sample transfer to the LC column the automated system prepares the next sample. With sample preparation and LC analysis running in parallel, the sample throughput is defined by the LC separation time (unless the LC time is less than 30 seconds).

SPE Workbook

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