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Spark Optimas AutosamplerOptimasTM

OPTIMASTM offers robust autosampling at an affordable price. It is our only autosampler with keypad operation, enabling simple automation of any existing HPLC without the need for software integration or communication. OPTIMASTM features our proven PASATM injection concept, combining robust injection with high precision and accuracy. With its three injection modes including zero sample loss injection, OPTIMASTM rivals top-class autosampler performance, while challenging middle-class autosampler prices!

  • Reliable PASATM  injection technology
  • Superior price/ performance ratio
  • Sample cooling
  • Large choice of sample vials

Kontakt: Mikael Alfredsson på Göteborgskontoret, 0709-119309
Mats Grapne på Stockholms-kontoret, 0709-119301

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