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Semi-prep SFC


Jasco Semi-prep hybrid SFC system crosses the divide between analytical SFC and prep SFC offering the best of both worlds. With flow rates from approx. 1 mL/min up to 20mL/min this system can be used with 4.6mm columns for high quality analytical separations and with 10mm columns for excellent sample purification.

Use the Jasco SFC hybrid with our new MD-4010 PDA detector with high performance SFC flow cell to get unparalleled sensitivity. Or choose a prep cell for scaling with high column loading.

Jasco Semi-Prep SFC Hybrid Features

Various Flow Rates

The Jasco semiPrep-SFC system provides analytical and semi-prep flow rates from 1mL/min to 20mL/min.

Optional Modifier Pumps

SP-4086 has optional twin modifier pumps for fine tuning modifier composition.

Column Switching

CO-4060 or 4065 allows column switching for automatic selection and method development.

Solvent Switching

The SFC-4000can switch to different modifier solvents for method development.

High-Capacity Column Oven

CO-4065 or 4060can accommodate high capacity column oven for up to 6 x 10mm columns, with an option for use of 2 ovens for even greater flexibility.

High Recovery Rate

The SFC-4000 uses the new patented MCS MicroCyclone fraction collection system for sample collection.

Powerful Software Options

SFC-4000 is compatible with powerful analytical and preparative software options including ChromNav and SF-Nav for fast, accurate SFC analysis.

Wide Range of Detectors

The SP-0286 is equipped with a wide range of detectors including UV-Vis, PDA and CD.

High-Throughput Fraction Collection System

SFC-4000 yields fraction collection of up to 8 fractions and can be used with an optional open bed fraction collector.

Enhanced Back Pressure Regulator

SFC-4000 SFC System uses a patented dynamic back pressure regulation.

MS Detector Compatible

The SFC-4000 System is compatible with a range of mass spectrometry detectors with integrated control, including Sciex and Thermo.


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