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Preparative SFC


The dedicated Jasco Prep SFC-4000 system is designed for large scale throughput with 21 or even 30mm columns to maximum sample preparation. This system is versatile enough to be used for smaller scale prep with 10mm columns. Interchangeable modifier pumps can be configured to give highly accurate modifier compositions. JASCO SF-Nav provides complete integrated control for flow rate, sample injection and fractionation.

Prep SFC-4000 Features

Fast CO2 Delivery

The SFC-4000 Prep System allows preparative scale CO2 delivery of up to 120mL/min.

Maximum Sample Preparation

Using up to 30 mm ID columns, the SFC-4000 Prep System allows separation and purification from hundreds of milligrams to 10s of grams.

Chiral- & Achiral-Compatible

SFC-4000Prep System is excellent for both Chiral and Achiral sample preparation.

Various Fraction Collection Methods

The SFC-4000 Prep systemcan be used with a wide variety of fraction collection methods, including time window, slope and/or threshold, to achieve high throughput stack injection.

Powerful SFC Management Tool

Equipped with SF-Nav software, the SFC-4000 can be used for time, slope or threshold fraction collection with ease of use and maximum productivity.

Complete Parameter Log

Separation parameters are monitored and stored providing a complete log of the conditions for each sample.

High-Throughput Sample

SFC-4000 is ideal for large volume sampling using the new 10mL AS-4058 autosampler and our LVI system that can accommodate up to 40 mL.

Accurate Chromatography with Large Volume Injections

SFC-4000 uses the Patented DLI (Dual Line Injection) to ensure excellent chromatography while making large volume injections.

Large-Scale Fraction Collection

The PR-2088 system yields up to 8 fractions with volumes from 250mL up to 4L.

Spacious Fraction Collection Cabinet

SFC-4000 is equipped with a large purpose designed evacuated fraction collection cabinet which can be connected to the lab exhaust system.

Spacious Fraction Collection Cabinet

SFC-4000 System uses a patented dynamic back pressure regulation.

Wide Range of Detectors

Jasco SFC-4000 System is equipped a wide range of detectors including UV-Vis, PDA and CD.


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