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TLC-MS Interface

Coupling TLC/HPTLC and MS capabilities for identification and elucidation of unknown substances in research, forensic and environmental fields.


TLC-MS coupling is the powerful solution to the hyphenation of Thin-Layer Chromatography and mass spectrometry (MS) and thereby opens up new possibilities for both techniques.

Not all samples may be processed by HPLC-MS or HPLC-DAD systems due to no or low detection of the compounds or impurities in the UV range, a heavy matrix load or a lack of MS compatible solvents, however necessary for the HPLC separation. On the other hand HPTLC is a very fast and convenient method to separate samples.

In the past unknown substances were scraped off from the TLC/HPTLC plate, eluted into a tube and transferred into the MS. Now a very convenient and universal TLC-MS Interface is available which can semi-automatically extract zones of interest and direct them online into HPLC-MS systems of various brands and techniques (APCI-MS, APPI-MS or EI-MS).

Questioned substances are directly extracted from a TLC/HPTLC plate and sensitive mass spectrometric signals are obtained within a minute per substance zone.

The instrument extracts circular zones or zones in the form of bands from a TLC/HPTLC plate, e.g. with acetonitrile or any other appropriate solvent, using the standard flow speed of the HPLC-MS system (e.g. 0.2 mL/min). The precise positioning of the elution head is done semi-automatically with the help of a laser pointing device or according to the coordinates determined by the TLC Scanner or TLC Visualizer. After extraction the eluate is then transferred online into the mass spectrometer. After each extraction the elution head is cleaned automatically.


The versatile instrument to extract compounds from a TLC/HPTLC plate and feed them into a mass spectrometer for substance identification or structure elucidation. CAMAG TLC-MS Interface can be connected to any brand of LC-coupled mass spectrometer.

Key features
  • Rapid and contamination-free elution of selected zones
  • Online transfer into the mass spectrometer
  • Compatible with all common HPLC-MS systems
  • Identification of unknown substances at a limit of detection as known from HPLC-MS
  • Low solvent consumption

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TLC-MS Interface

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