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Portable micro Raman

Jasco portable-raman-rmp-510

The RMP-300 Series portable Raman spectrometer systems feature an integrated fiber optic probe with a small X-Y-Z stage, a compact laser, a high-throughput spectrograph and CCD detector. No special utilities such as coolants are required, allowing the system to be used almost anywhere. The flexibility of the optical fiber coupling enables remote measurements by locating the probe right at the sample. The fiber optic probe features an integrated CCD camera for sample positioning and capture of digital sample images.

The RMP-300 Series consists of six models, RMP-310, 315, 320, 325, 330, and 335, ranging from small, portable units suitable for in-situ measurements to research-grade systems that will meet even the most difficult application requirements.

The RMP-310/315 instruments are both basic models with a fixed wavelength range.  The wavenumber range is 200 to 3200 cm-1 for the RMP-310 and 200 to 3500 cm-1 for the RMP-315, while the resolution is 3 cm-1 for the RMP-310 and 4 cm-1 for RMP-315.  The RMP-310 features a green (532 nm) laser to provide analysis for the majority of Raman samples.  Alternatively, the RMP-315 is configured with a 785 nm laser for deep red excitation of strongly fluorescing samples.

By contrast, the RMP-320/325 models have a wavelength scanning capability. Resolution is 3 cm-1 using the green laser (532 nm) for the RMP-320 and 4 cm-1 using the red laser (785 nm) for the RMP-325.  The wavenumber scanning range is 100 to 8000 cm-1 for the RMP-320 and 100 to 3500 cm-1 for the RMP-325. A dual-grating monochromator is also available as an option.

The RMP-330/335 systems are research-grade models employing a high resolution monochromator with a 300 mm focal length. The resolution is 1 cm-1 with the green laser (532 nm) excitation for the RMP-330 and 1.5 cm-1 with the red laser (785 nm) excitation for the RMP-335.  A dual-grating monochromator is available for these models as well.


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