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Direct Mercury Analyzer

  • No sample preparation
  • Only 5 minutes for a single sample
  • Operation in the field

See how DMA-1 works

Melistone DMA-1
Milestone mercuryfields

The most successful Hg analyzer
in the market

The Milestone DMA-1 is a direct mercury analyzer of solid, liquid, and gas samples. Analysis time is 5 minutes only and no sample preparation is required. The DMA-1 shares the same technology of the Milestone DMA-80, the most successful direct mercury analyzer in the market with over 1300 units installed in 80 different Countries worldwide. 

The DMA-1 is based on the principles of sample thermal decomposition, mercury amalgamation and atomic absorption detection.
It is extremely easy to use: just weigh your sample, load it onto the instrument and press start. The DMA-1 is so simple to use that it can be operated in the field, not only in the analytical laboratory.
All the DMA-1 components, such as the catalytic furnace, amalgamator and spectrophotometer, are easily accessible for routine cleaning and maintenance.

The DMA-1 is compliant with the US EPA method 7473 (Mercury in solids and solutions by thermal decomposition, amalgamation, and atomic absorption spectrophotometry), with ASTM method D-6722-01 (Total mercury in coal and coal combustion residues) and ASTM method D-7623-10 (Total mercury in crude oil).

No sample preparation

The DMA-1 does not require any sample preparation or other wet chemistry prior the analysis.
This means ease of use, low running cost and no need for hazardous chemicals to purchase, handle and dispose.
The cost of analysis is minimized thanks to the speed of analysis, catalyst and amalgamator lifetime, sample boats durability and the possibility to use air as combustion.

Milestone DMA-1 sample

Milestone DMA-1 interface

DMA-1 user interface

The terminal runs Milestone´s unique EasyCONTROL software, providing simple and intuitive, but extremely flexible and powerful control over the analytical process.

All sample parameters, including furnace temperatures, method profiles, absorbance signals, results, and calibrations are saved. They can be viewed, easily transferred using a USB memory stick or integrated to LIMS Laboratory Information Management Systems.
EasyCONTROL software includes the unique AutoBLANK feature. If, following the analysis of a sample with very high mercury contents, the pre-set blank level is exceeded; EasyCONTROL will automatically run blank cycles until the pre-set blank level is achieved.

EasyCONTROL allows the operator to designate certain samples as reference, or QC samples.
Once a sample is designated as a reference, a known concentration value is entered. If the analysis of that sample yields a concentration outside the acceptable range specified by the operator, EasyCONTROL can be pre-set to either continue, stop, or pause the analysis of the remaining samples.

Milestone Mercury official_methods_2_vertical

Official methods compliance

The DMA-1 has been used to develop the US EPA method 7473.
It is furthermore compliant with ASTM method D-6722-01 and ASTM method D-7623-10.


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