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Fluorescence Mercury Analyzer

  • High sensitivity
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Fast analysis time
  • Full automation

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Mercury content detection

The new FMA-80 is based on an innovative and unique combination of CV-AFS, Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy, and CV-AAS, Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy technologies.

The FMA-80 detects mercury contents in solutions by atomic fluorescence (AFS).
This technique differs from the more conventional AAS technique in that it is more sensitive, more selective, and is linear over a wide range of concentrations.
However, any molecular species present in the carrier gas will quench the fluorescence signal and for this reason, the AFS technique is most commonly used with an inert carrier gas such as argon.
AFS has better linearity and more stable baseline than AAS.

AAS instead works better for more complex matrices, as it suffers less from interferences.
The FMA-80 is a very flexible working platform as it can be chosen in different configurations: AFS only or combination of AFS and AAS, depending on your application.

The FMA-80 is fully compliant to the following standard methods: EPA 245.1, EPA 245.2, EPA 245.5, EPA 245.7, EPA 1631, EN 1483, EN 12338, EN 13806 and ISO 17852.

Major applications

Major Applications are: drinking water, surface water, ground water, waste water.
Food: cereals, flour, fish, meat, baby food, sugar, etc.
Environmental samples: sediments, soil, waste water, ashes, sludge, etc.
Chemicals: oil products, resins, glues, plastics, solvents, etc.
Minerals, geological samples: ores, metals, alloys, coal, etc.

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Milestone FMA-80 samples

User interface

The FMA-80 is operated via a compact control terminal with easy-to-read, bright, full-color, touch screen display or, alternatively, by a Windows-based computer.

Milestone DMA-80 terminal660


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