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Analytical Perfomance of the FMA-80

Best analytical performance

Combining an innovative mercury measuring system with the unique Milestone experience in the field of mercury determination, the FMA-80 achieves the best performance available on the market.

AutoBLANK feature

AutoBLANK is an important feature to avoid analytical issue between a high and low mercury content sample. It is possible select the number of cycles and amount of mercury. After 1 ppb and two automatic blanks, the FMA-80 is capable of detecting 10 ppt without any significant carry over effect.

FMA-80 autoblank

Automatic reduction of sample volume

An important feature of the FMA-80 software is the automatic reduction of sample volume: from out range to sample measurement. No need of auto-dilution module. It is possible to select the percent of sample volume and number of cycles.

FMA-80 volume[


FMA-80 accuracy


FMA-80 precision


FMA-80 stabilitylong

FMA-80 stabilityshort
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