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PAL RTC: Highest productivityPAL RTC

PAL RTC with extended x-axis for LC/MS

The PAL RTC with Robotic Tool Change is the logical (r)evolution of the successful PAL-xt product line. Sample prep for chromatography is no longer the bottleneck - automate your sample prep and sample injection - all on the PAL RTC.

The robotic change of tools enables unattended 24/7 operation, even for multistep workflows and thereby greatly increases the productivity of labs. At the same time process safety is optimized since all operations become traceable.

Automation is the way to increase productivity and (process) safety in the laboratory. Transferring repetitive or dangerous manual tasks to a robot improves safety. The possibility to run the instrument 24h/day increases throughput, especially for long sample preparations.

The PAL RTC was developed to maximize productivity in analytical and clinical labs. Robotic Tool Change (RTC) brings sample preparation to a higher level. Every process requires a number of different tools for best performance, e.g. a 10 µL syringe for the accurate addition of small volumes followed by the dilution with a 1mL syringe. Robotic Tool Change allows to switch between different tools automatically.

This additional versatility in combination with the large number of available tools enable the design of tailored automation processes.

Tools and benifits

Robotic Tool Change for productivity (PAL RTC only)

Ingeniously productive

  • Automatic selection of the syringe with optimal accuracy for adding standards or preparing serial dilutions
  • On the fly switching between a syringe tool for the addition of an internal standard and the LC/MS Tool for subsequent Analysis
  • Possibility to permanently configure several workflows on one system for a walk-up prep station, e.g. Liquid/Liquid Extraction and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
  • Automated optimization of methods e.g. by selecting the most suitable Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) fiber from an array of 4 different ones
  • Derivatization reactions performed without manual intervention for productivity, protection against hazardous chemicals and process safety
  • Automation of labor intensive manual workflows like protein digestion

 CTC RTC Tool change

Tool Change

Increased Vial Capacity

  • 162 x 2mL or 60 x 10mL or 20mL vials/tray holder, other vial types and microtiter plates can be handled
  • With temperature controlled stacks a maximum of 9216 samples out of 24 MTP's can be handled
  • Cooled Stack with position control
CTC RTC Vial-Capacity

Minimized carryover and reproducible injection of minute sample volumes

  • Bottom sensing makes sure that small volumes can be injected out of a few µL of sample (e.g. 3 x 1 µL out of 5 µL).
  • With Constant Force Technology the PAL detects the correct position of the needle in the specially designed needle seal. Potential carryover is avoided
CTC RTC Minimum-carryover

Process Safety

  • Position detection means process safety. Missing vials or the correct position of the injector are detected and traced.
  • Position detection for the temperature controlled stack ensures that the drawer is in the correct position (open / closed) and the temperature is monitored.
CTC RTC Process-Safety

Discrimination free GC Injection

Ultrafast injections down to 100ms reduce discrimination in GC down to C40/C20 > 0.98.

CTC RTC Discrimination-free-injection

Efficient Mixing

The vortex mixer is indispensable for serial dilutions or extraction steps. Supported vial sizes are 2, 10 and 20mL.

CTC RTC Vortex-mixing
Video Vortex-mixing 20 mL Video Vortex-mixing 2 mL

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