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PAL SPME Arrow: Higher productivity and longer lifetime for SPME

SPME has become one of the most widely used extraction technologies for environmental, food and clinical analyses. It is well suited for automated sample preparation resulting in reduced time per sample, less sample manipulation and solvent consumption. However, the technology remained almost unchanged with some significant drawbacks, such as the limited mechanical stability and small phase volumes of the fibers. CTC SPME Arrows_1

The PAL SPME Arrow (patent pending) is a new technology for microextraction, combining trace level sensitivity (up to 10x higher) with high mechanical robustness (at least 2x longer lifetime). The PAL SPME Arrow has an outer diameter of 1.1 or 1.5mm, resulting in large sorption phase surfaces and volumes. The arrow-shaped tip allows smooth penetration of vial and injector septa. In contrast to traditional SPME fibers, the Arrow design fully protects the sorptive material, minimizing adverse influences and loss of analytes during transfer processes.
With the PAL RTC and RSI the SPME Arrow sampling is fully automated leading to high productivity.
The PAL Heatex Mixer Module optimizes performance for headspace and especially immersion extraction.
CTC SPME Arrows_2

PME Arrows feature bigger sorption phase surfaces (up to 6 x) and volumes (up to 20 x)

CTC SPME Arrows_3

Detailed information on the specifications and handling of SPME Arrow are available. For automation of SPME Arrow with the PAL RTC and PAL RSI a SPME Arrow Tool is available, as well as a SPME Arrow Conditioning Module.PAL SPME Arrow can be ordered from our network of Value Added Resellers. The Value Added Resellers are also an excellent source of application know-how. Kovalent is a Value Added Reseller!


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PAL System Application Notes: Determination of iodoform in drinking water by PAL SPME Arrow and GC/MS and Determination of C2-C12 aldehydes by SPME on-fiber derivatization and GCMS

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