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    Sample Preparation Equipment for research





    Sample Preparation

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    New Products & Applications

    Markes Trade-Up

    Trade-up your thermal desorption system with this exclusive offer!

    Get 25% discount on TD instruments - When you replace your current TD unit for a new Markes -xr range.

    Sample Prep Workflow - digestion

    Total Sample Preparation workflow approach

    Milestone Srl is the only company who can offer a complete solution for Sample Preparation before and after acid digestion. It includes Ultra-Pure Acid Supply, Reagent Handling, Vessel Handling, Microwave Digestion, Filtration and Vessel Cleaning.  Watch the video to learn more. 

    New Supplier - Stanhope-Seta!

    Ethos Lean - digestion and extraction

    Petroleum and Fuel Analysis

    Stanhope-Seta’s instruments are a worldwide benchmark for test instrumentation of the highest quality. The instruments offer very high performance, accuracy and reliability and are manufactured in accordance with e.g. ASTM, EN, DIN, IP and ISO standards. They have since over 80 years delivered instruments and solution for Petroleum- and Fuel Analysis.

    ultraWAVE 3

    Ethos Lean - digestion and extraction

    Taking productivity and performance to new heights

    The new ultraWAVE 3 is the latest generation of SRC technology that further elevates the value of this technology for elemental analysis in terms of performance, time, workflow, and cost of ownership.

    XELSIUS - Reaction Station

    Ethos Lean - digestion and extraction

    A compact and fast reactor with 10 completely individually tempered and stirred reactor cells.

    Temperature range from -20°C to +150°C. This system is suitable for parallel synthesis, flow chemistry, reaction and process optimization as well as for performing DoE (Design of Experiment) studies. 

    FP-8050 series Spectrofluorometer

    New Ethos Lean - Entry Level system for digestion and extraction with kept performance!

    Ethos Lean - digestion and extraction

    Includes MAXI-14 rotor, EasyTEMP in all positions and ready-to-use methods

    The ETHOS LEAN collects Milestone experience and embraces all these values into a compact and economical solutions for sample preparation, matching the requirements of laboratories that approach microwave digestion without the needs of high-volume labs.

    New MAXI-24 HP Rotor - Offers High-Throughput and High Pressure at the same time!

    MAXI-24 HP Rotor Throughput and High Pressure


    The MAXI-24 High Performance (HP) and high throughput rotor was designed with double pressure limits and greater capacity than other high throughput rotors. It process increased volumes of sample and a wide variety of matrices within a single rotor-based platform. Quick-assembly vessels are closed with a simple hand-tightening, improving your daily productivity.



    Routine-capable LC-GC system for on-line determination of mineral oil contaminations in food, feeding stuffs and packaging.

    This system has been designed for the sensitive and fast detection of mineral oil contaminants in different matrices such as cosmetics, foodstuff, oils and fats, feeding stuff and packagings.

    The method is thoroughly published and tested. In an article in FoodProductionDaily the method was described as the most efficient one: "According to EFSA, the most effective method to detect MOH levels in food is through pre-separation by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) online coupled to GC with flame ionisation detection (FID)." (Source).

    This requirements for such a system were developed in close collaboration with end users. Using the CHRONECT LC-GC interface by Axel Semrau the usage of various gas chromatographs is possible. Concerning HPLC, the system may be configured either with a HPLC of KNAUER, Agilent or Shimadzu.

    Xpert by Trace Elemental

    Xpert by Trace Elemental

    The XPERT-TOC/TNb provides automated analysis of Total Organic Carbon and Total bound Nitrogen in a wide range of liquid matrices by High Temperature Catalytic Oxidation.

    TE Instruments is proud to introduce its latest innovative elemental combustion solution; the XPERT TOC/TNb analyzer. Decades of experience have been deployed to create this new analyzer which represents the ultimate combination of robustness, accurate sample analysis and user convenience.

    The XPERT enables its user to analyze Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total bound Nitrogen (TNb) simultaneously, within a few minutes from a single injection.

    Trace Elemental Instruments B.V., designs, develops and manufactures, a range of laboratory equipment for industrial, petrochemical and environmental applications. They have a full range of combustion analyzers and accessories, dedicated to handle all sorts of samples according to ASTM methods and other international standards. Besides combustion analyzers, a variety of complementary sample introduction & pre-treatment systems are part of our offering. The highly innovated fifth generation technology combustion analyzers sets a new standard in the industry.

    New Office

    Kovalent office Sweden
    We are excited to announce that our Gothenburg team has moved to a new location. We spent the previous 25 years in a building about 500 meters away from our new. Our old office served us well and we made great memories (and projects) there, but we couldn't be more excited about our new space.



    HPLC, LCMS, 


    Kovalent celebrates its 30th anniversary!

    Today, April 21st, exactly 30 years ago. We, Jan Brattberg and Mats Grapne, started Kovalent AB. We had to start with completely new suppliers and products in a very tough market. Sweden’s national bank struggled to maintain a fixed exchange rate...

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