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 Clarity Chromatography Software

Clarity Chromatography Software

Clarity is advanced Chromatography Data Station (CDS) with optional software modules for data acquisition, processing and instrument control. Its wide range of data acquisition interfaces (A/D converters, LAN, USB, RS232) allows connection to any GC or LC chromatograph.

System description

Up to four independent chromatography systems can be simultaneously connected, each can acquire up to 32 signals. You can switch any time between English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese localization.

  • Control modules provide integrated control of selected instruments such as GCs, pumps, detectors, autosamplers, etc.

  • Extensions provide functions for specific separation techniques such as PDA, GPC analysis, Mass spectrometry or SST.

  • Clarity2Go in your iPhone or Android powered mobile devices allows you to monitor running analyses from multiple installations of Clarity.

  • Clarity comes with extensive free support from DataApex as well as from the growing community of users in the Clarity Forum. Unlike many large corporations, the DataApex Company is in close contact with its users.

  • Colibrick is a brand new external 24-bit A/D converter bringing to customers the precison of Int9 PCI cards and portability of U-PAD2 USB device. Up to 4 independent channels for each Colibrick.

Product Specialist

Mats Grapne Kovalent

Mats Grapne

"More than 30 years experience in the field of HPLC, Spectroscopy and other analytical equipments. Contact me if you have questions or need a quotation"

Agilent Control

Clarity can control many brands of HPLC and GC modules, but the most extensive coverage of drivers are made for Agilent. On GC Clarity can control systems from GC5890 to GC7890B and more to come. For HPLC it covers from 1100 to 1290 Infinity II. Combine these systems with extensive CTC PAL control for advanced applications. 

Clarity Demo Download

Preview functions of Clarity. You can try any controlled instrument in simulated demo mode without connecting to a real device. Discover all configuration options and run simulated data acquisition. A stored demo data set allows you to try the capabilities of data processing.

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