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Intuvo 9000 GC

Intuvo 9000 GC

Smart, simple to use and extremly robust!

The Intuvo 9000 Gas Chromatography (GC) System offers ultra-fast gas chromatography throughput while simplifying your laboratory workflow. Eliminate column maintenance and change columns in less than a minute with Intuvo’s click-and-run connections.

System description

Faster cycle times through ballistic direct-heating ensures reproducible chromatography and allows for higher throughput in the laboratory.Intuvo’s built-in intelligence reduces operational and maintenance costs through its self-guided diagnostic troubleshooting and early maintenance feedback. Smart Keys will identify the exact instrument configuration and column parameters to reduce user error.
  • Guard Chips eliminate the need to clip columns by protecting downstream components from contamination; columns are protected, not just maintained

  • Intuvo no-trim GC columns require no maintenance

  • ● Direct heating oven delivers linear and repeatable temperature ramps from 30 to 450 at 250 C/min
  • ● Ferrule-free, click-and-run connections allow any operator, regardless of experience, to make completely leak-free connections
  • ● Innovative Flow Path provides the ability to configure the GC flow path as needed, making backflush installation simple
  • ● Smart ID Keys attached to critical flow path components provide information such as configuration and column age with default parameters for configuration
  • ● Intelligent troubleshooting routines diagnoses problems in the system by measuring over 100 system touchpoints in real time and provide a step-by-step solution guide in an easy-to-read format
  • ● Large touch screen control with ability to deliver instrument information wirelessly through secure networks
  • ● Uses less than half the power of a conventional GC, can be plugged in to any outlet without changing the wiring of the lab
  • ● Ideal platform for high speed or high throughput gas chromatography with fast heating and cool down time
  • ● The perfect GC for use with 5977B, 7000D, and 7010B mass spectrometer systems

Product Specialist

Dag Dacke Kovalent

Dag Dacke

"Our expert in CTC PAL know-how and programming, and more than 20 years experience in the field of chromatography. Contact me if you have questions or need a quotation"

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How It Works

Direct Column Heating

Intuvo uses an efficient direct heating system that requires less than half the electrical power of a conventional GC while also significantly reducing the heat energy emitted back into the lab. This not only reduces electrical power consumption and costs, but also considerably reduces the demand on lab HVAC systems.
Direct Column Heating
Ferrule-free Connections

Ferrule-free Connections

Leaks due to improper ferrule connection are a leading cause of unplanned downtime, costing labs time and money. By coupling two planar face seals together with a torque driver, we can ensure exactly the right tightness for a leak-free seal. The click of the torque driver is an audible and tactile indicator of proper connection without the second guessing, overtightening, or leaks associated with ferrules and wrenches.

Eliminate Column Trimming

The Intuvo Guard Chip saves time by eliminating the need for column trimming. The power of a guard column is harnessed in an innovative metal microfluidic chip. It traps sample residue by providing almost one meter of inert flow path between the inlet liner and the column. With regular replacement, sample contamination never reaches the head of the Intuvo GC column - eliminating the need for column trimming.
Eliminate Column Trimming