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The 8890 GC System features built-in intelligence that enables remote connectivity

ACCQPrep HP150 is a newly designed preparative HPLC system

Teledyne Isco has developed the system following the example of the easy to use flash system.

System description

With the ACCQPrep ISCO does not follow the traditional path of conventional preparative systems, but transfers the simple operating concept of a flash system to preparative HPLC. The ACCQPrep is intuitive and easy to use and offers the full performance of a preparative HPLC.

The PeakTrak software, a software from Teledyne Isco, which already controls the CombiFlash systems, controls the system. Complex integration parameters, as known from conventional HPLC, are no longer necessary. Any user of flash chromatography can get to grips easily and safely with the system right away. For everyone else it is quick and easy to learn. No additional computer is required. The integrated touch screen is completely sufficient. The system is compact and fits under any normal fume cupboard. The active monitoring of the solvent and waste quantity reduces the risk of empty or overflowing containers. The sample and collection racks are RFID coded, so the positions of the vessels are always unique and the sample path is traceable. Samples cannot get lost. The ACCQPrep HP150 is compatible with Teledyne Isco automation modules and other detection systems for maximum efficiency.

A further highlight besides the easy operation is the pressure range up to 414 bar in connection with flow rates from 1-125 mL/min. Different flow rates do not require the pump heads to be replaced, as is often necessary in the preparative field. The pumps operate very quietly, generate very accurate gradients and are very easily accessible. A real advantage for maintenance work.

Product Specialist

Dag Dacke Kovalent

Dag Dacke

"Our expert in CTC PAL know-how and programming, and more than 20 years experience in the field of chromatography. Contact me if you have questions or need a quotation"

0707-31 90 09

Most important features

  • Flow rates from 1 - 125 mL/min
  • Operating pressure up to 414 bar
  • Choice of UV or UV-Vis plus ELSD and MS options
  • Different injection loops up to 20 mL available
  • Integrated touch screen

Compatibility with automation modules

  • AutoInjector module: Performance of several purification runs of the same sample
  • AutoSampler module: several different samples can be purified with several injections and different chromatographic conditions
  • ColumnSelector Module: Automatic switching to one of four columns
  • Compatibility with the PurIon mass spectrometer. Mass-based fractionation can be combined with purification

Choice between two models and the ESI and/or APCI procedure to meet individual application requirements.