The LC-4000-MS mass spectrometry system has been developed to harness the power of a single quadrapole MS with an easy to use HPLC system. The CMS expression is a high resolution mass spectrometer with wide mass range and a choice of sources including ESI, APCI and ASAP – a direct injection method. The separation system can be configured for a wide range of applications, including standard HPLC or UHPLC, to take full advantage of the speed and sensitivity of the mass spectrometer.

The LC-4000 Series includes various pump options for solvent delivery with accurate and pulseless flow, with flexible configuration for isocratic or binary and quaternary gradients. The AS-4150 autosampler has capacity for up to 180 – 2 mL samples and includes full or variable loop injections. The sample pre-load feature eliminates sample loading time between injections for the fastest sample cycle time to get results faster. Several optional column ovens offer the advantage of temperature control with single column or multi-columns for rapid method development.

The mass spectrometer can be a simple, cost effective CMS expression single quadrapole instrument, or a higher specification tandem MS with either a triple quadrapole (TQ) or time of flight (TOF) with fully integrated control of the LC for a powerful high throughput analytical or preparative system. Multiple source options include ESI and APCI.

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At Kovalent we strive to establish and develop long-term partnerships with our customers. When we use the word “partnership” we mean that Kovalent becomes an integral part of our customers’ projects, where we are expected to fully understand their application needs. We aim to make Kovalent our customers’ first and natural choice, and this ambition permeates our entire organisation from initial contact to finished and delivered product.


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Genetec is a member of the same family of companies as Kovalent. Both companies share the same set of values and are in many ways integrated with each other. The main difference between the two companies are their products. Kovalent is involved in system solutions including instrumentation and Genetec is mainly working with consumables. The focus of Genetec is chromatography accessories. You are welcome to visit their state of the art web shop: