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Purification by Flash Chromatography

Fast and reliable purification has a name - Teledyne ISCO. The clearly arranged PeakTrack software makes the flash devices as easy to use as a smart phone. The NextGen is the newest member of the CombiFlash family from Teledyne Isco. The advanced flash chromatography system provides fully automated, fast and reliable purification of compounds.

The CombiFlash EZ Prep is a combi-system with two sides, left side flash chromatography and right side full preparative HPLC. For the first time, preparative LC is as user-friendly in handling as flash purification.

The torrent system is designed for the purification of large quantities of substances
A flow rate of up to 1 litre per minute allows fast purification of up to 300 g sample per separation.

Clean and reproducible the "High Performance" Rf Gold cartridges increase the performance of your flash chromatography.

The RediSep Rf cartridges of the Gold series are characterized by smaller particle size (20-40 µm) and spherical filling materials.