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NEW - CombiFlash NextGen

The 8890 GC System features built-in intelligence that enables remote connectivity

The newest member of the CombiFlash family from Teledyne Isco

The advanced flash chromatography system provides fully automated, fast and reliable purification of compounds.

System description

Flow rate range is from 1 to 300 mL/min at operating pressures up to 300 psi (20 bar). The system is fitted with a solid load injection valve that can be bypassed if you decide to perform a liquid injection. RFID technology comes standard and automatically reads the size and type of RediSep or RediSep Gold® column being used for the purification. Based on this information, a default gradient and flow rate are programmed in​to the system. Simply insert the column into the stand, press Play and the run starts. This same RFID technology automatically reads the rack type being used ensuring there is never a missed or overfilled tube. Active solvent and waste level sensing, along with column air purge, is standard is standard on the NextGen 300+.

  • ● Compact design: footprint 36 x 44 cm (WxD), height 66.0 cm; weight 28 kg without ELSD, 34 kg with ELSD

  • ● No external PC required

  • ● Large display optionally 12" or 15" touchscreen. Control and data evaluation via Ethernet interface possible

  • ● High fractionation capacity into different racks, RFID recognition of the rack and automatic setting of the max. collection volume, standard method is loaded automatically

  • ● Level monitoring of the solvent and waste containers prevents the cartridges from running dry or overfilling the waste

  • ● Injection of liquid samples and solid sample feeding are possible

  • ● Automatic valve and sample path cleaning after each separation

  • ● 2 pumps: binary gradient, 4 solvents, max. pressure 300 psi, 20 bar, user defined pressure limits possible, programmable gradients (step, linear, isocratic), admixable modifier

  • ● Flow rates from 1 - 300 mL/min

  • ● Selection of detector equipment: UV, UV-VIS 200 - 400 nm or 200 - 800 nm, diode array detector, ELSD, MS.

  • ● RFID detection of the RediSep Rf cartridges. This includes e.g. the cartridge size as well as the separation and safety parameters.

  • ● Control via the intuitive PeakTrak software: e.g. direct control of all parameters during the run, clear method creation on one page, two wavelengths can be set variably, transfer of DC data, automatic scale-up for each method, stop and continue the run at any time

  • ● Larger RediSep cartridges with up to 1500 g can be used

Product Specialist

Dag Dacke Kovalent

Dag Dacke

"Our expert in CTC PAL know-how and programming, and more than 20 years experience in the field of chromatography. Contact me if you have questions or need a quotation"

0707-31 90 09


  • Pumps, detector, columns, solvent management, fraction collector
  • 2 racks for fraction collectors (selectable, standard 16x150 mm)
  • Adjustable stamps for 5 g, 25 g and 65 g precolumns
  • Accessories and manual
  • Lateral holder for the SLCC (Solid Load Cartridge Cap) and Prime Tube


  • Rack 75 places for 16 mm i.D. test tubes
  • Rack 70 places for 18 mm i.D. test tubes
  • Rack 30 places for 25 mm i.D. test tubes
  • RediSep cartridges pre-columns (empty), different sizes
  • Rack for 450 mL bottles in the fraction collector
  • Enclosure for operation outside the fume cupboard
  • Adapter for large columns (750 g, 1500 g), including integrated overpressure device to ensure a pressure limit of 80 psi