2021-09-10 by Milestone

Event Overview:

Many practitioners of trace element analysis think of detection limits as figures on a spec sheet or as measurements performed periodically to meet a regulatory requirement. Others see them in the context of “chasing zero.” While those views are all valid, there is still much more to detection limits. In this symposium, we present highly practical information that can be used to help improve your analytical proficiency and performance not only at low trace element concentrations, but at higher levels as well. We start with a deep dive into detection limits and limits of quantification for atomic spectrometry techniques: what they are, how they are defined, and what influences them. We also look at what is driving the requirements for certain detection limits and why we are on a seemingly never-ending quest to reduce them. Presentations on real-world applications involving low trace element concentrations show how several different factors can stack up to affect detection limits and why a holistic approach is required to achieve truly meaningful analytical results. Finally, we have several presentations on the latest commercially available tools and techniques for improving trace element detection limits and overall analytical performance.

Moderator: Laura Bush, Editorial Director, Spectroscopy

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2021-04-30 by PAL-Systems

QC for water: Off flavors determined by SPME Arrow-GC-MS/MS

A sensitive and efficient method to analyze 57 odorous substances in drinking water by SPME-Arrow coupled to GC-MS/MS is described.

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Useful information for PAL-LC users

Practical tips the PAL for LC: Dos and Don'ts, useage infos, spare parts.

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The choice of PAL Centrifuges just got bigger

The 6 x 10mL PAL Centrifuge is the latest addition to the range of PAL centrifuges. Inserts for 2 & 4mL vials make it very versatile.

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2021-04-28 by Milestone

Webinar Invitation

Make your environmental laboratory more competitive!

With throughput capabilities of 24 samples in only 40 minutes, the ETHOS X with fastEX-24 rotor reduces overall analysis costs by increasing productivity. The combination of lower solvent volumes, less maintenance need and the use of inexpensive disposable glass vials enhances your environmental lab's competitiveness and profitability. In this webinar, you will learn five (5) tips to reduce your analysis costs in organic pollutants determination on any environmental matrix, like soil, sediments and many other
  • 1. Improved productivity

  • 2. Minimal solvent volume

  • 3. No cleaning step

  • 4. Easy to implement

  • 5. Full recovery of the analytes

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When: 28 April, 2021

2 Live time sessions
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9:00 AM or 4:00 PM

Roberto Boschini
Product Manager @Milestone

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Participants will receive "Microwave Green Extraction", authors
Robert C. Richter
Camillo Pirola

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2021-03-18 by Milestone

Gain productivity in fat determinations on any food and feed matrix

For contract labs - food labs

Discover a faster approach to fat determinations in food & feed samples

Fat determinations in food and feed matrices is a routine analysis for several testing and food processor labs, as it is part of labelling process and QC testing. Nowadays, the process still relies on outdated and matrix-dependent methods which use obsolete and time-consuming technologies. This workshop, live from Milestone Lab, presents a new approach to fat determinations that simplify the lab workflow and increase the productivity. Learn how your laboratory could gain value and see the benefits of whom has already implemented.

Key topics:

  • ● Fat determination process: conventional vs microwave approach

  • ● One single method for any food matrix

  • ● Complete fat determinations: Total Fat, Crude Fat, FAME

  • ● Real life Case Study: Eurofins Scientific

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When: 25 March, 2021

2 Live time sessions
at your choice:
9:00 AM or 4:00 PM

Roberto Boschini
Product Manager @Milestone

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Microplastic determination - through selective microwave sample preparation 2020-10-13 by Milestone

Microplastic determination

through selective microwave sample preparation

The determination of Microplastics (MPs) has become a crucial aspect for the protection of the environment and human health. Considering the amount of plastics released in oceans every year, fish are one of the primary ways for humans to absorb MPs; therefore, adequate methods are required to be able to determine MPs in fish tissue in a fast and efficient way.
Milestone is proud to share with you a new study developed in cooperation with the Chemistry Department of Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil), in which a selective microwave assisted sample preparation protocol has been applied for the gravimetric determination of MPs in fish tissue.

The protocol was performed with Milestone’s ultraWAVE and it is cost effective and fast, with a duration of only 20 minutes.
These findings provides an answer to many laboratories with a new and straighforward approach to MPs determination.

We are pleased to share:

Published Scientific Paper

Application Report

To further discuss these findings, Milestone has the pleasure to announce a webinar event with one of the authors of the paper, Cezar A.Bizzi (Departamento de Química, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil), held on November 18th, at 4pm GMT+2.

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A new Landing Page is also available on Milestone website to promote this topic among your prospects: Click here

2020-09-08 by PAL-Systems

Fast method to determine rice quality

PAL Method Composer allowed to rapidly generate a method for the SPME Arrow analysis of rice flavors.

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Custom methods in minutes

PAL Method Composer is the tool of choice to efficiently generate new custom analysis methods for your PAL3 System.

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Free trial version

More samples in less time with the new Sciex Analyst driver for PAL3 Systems

50% higher sample throughput for LC-MS with "prep ahead". The new release makes it now even easier to save time.

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The right LC-MS Tool for every sample

Tougher, deeper, better. Three new LC-MS Tools complete the family.

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Straightforward integration of non-PAL devices

A balance, a spectrometer or other devices can now easily be integrated into an existing PAL3 System, with the PAL Plugin-SDK.

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Monday 2020-09-28 at 17.00 by CDS

Event Overview:

The trend in polymer analysis by gas chromatography with mass spectrometry (GC­–MS) is toward using a generic high-throughput screening method with a single instrument that is capable of fast switching among multiple sample introduction techniques. This webcast will discuss the use of a versatile GC sample introduction instrument (Pyroprobe) from CDS Analytical with GC–MS to increase analytical throughput. Learn about the capability of the instrument under various configurations, as well as the application roadmap with specific case studies to pick the optimized sampling method.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the capability of Pyroprobe in evolved gas analysis, flash pyrolysis, thermal desorption, kinetics, dynamic headspace, heart-cutting and photochemistry

  • Learn about the Pyroprobe application roadmap to pick the proper technique

  • Learn about specific application examples in polymer analysis by using the Pyroprobe


2019-12-23: Kurs i grundläggande masspektrometri"

Kurs i grundläggande masspektrometri (LCMS och GCMS)

Chemalys och Kovalent bjuder in er till endagskurs i Stockholm

Plats: Kovalent AB, Kungens Kurva
Datum: 2020-02-17
Tid: 09:00-17:00


Vad är ett MS-system?

  • ● Kromatografi/separation

  • ● Introduktion/interface

  • ● Jonisation

  • ● Masseparation

  • ● Detektion

  • ● Utvärdering

  • ● Krav på lokal

Under kursen behandlas olika applikationer, olika jonisationstekniker samt olika typer av masspektrometri-system.

Kostnad: 4 500 SEK som inkluderar lunch, kaffe/te samt kurscertifikat. 

Kursledare: Jan Nordin

Jan Nordin har utbildat i kromatografiska tekniker i över 30 år. Arbetade tidigare som analytisk kemist inom klinisk farmakologi och drev under många år eget kontraktslaboratorium. 

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Anmälan till:

2019-12-05: New eBook "Techniques for Improved ICP-MS and ICP-OES Analysis"

Techniques for Improved ICP-MS and ICP-OES Analysis

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This eBook features the following articles:

  • ● Achieving the Lowest Possible Detection Limits with ICP-OES and ICPMS by Minimizing Contamination in Sample Preparation

  • ● An Economic Approach to Reducing Reagent Blanks in ICP-OES and ICP-MS Analysis

  • ● Automated Acid Reflux Cleaning System: Maximum Efficiency Coupled with High Productivity

  • ● State-of-the-Art Rotor-based Digestion for Trace Metals Analysis

  • ● The Performance and Benefits of Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) Technology

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2019-09-06 We have moved into our new office in Gothenburg."

We have moved into our new office in Gothenburg

Our new address:
Hulda Lindgrens gata 6A


At Kovalent we strive to establish and develop long-term partnerships with our customers. When we use the word “partnership” we mean that Kovalent becomes an integral part of our customers’ projects, where we are expected to fully understand their application needs. We aim to make Kovalent our customers’ first and natural choice, and this ambition permeates our entire organisation from initial contact to finished and delivered product.


Kovalent AB
Hulda Lindgrens gata 6A
Phone: +46(0)31-709 81 80
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Org.nr: 556417-2194


Genetec is a member of the same family of companies as Kovalent. Both companies share the same set of values and are in many ways integrated with each other. The main difference between the two companies are their products. Kovalent is involved in system solutions including instrumentation and Genetec is mainly working with consumables. The focus of Genetec is chromatography accessories. You are welcome to visit their state of the art web shop: genetec.se