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Trade-up your thermal desorption system with this exclusive offer

Up to 25% discount on TD instruments to help improve analysis 

Older thermal desorption (TD) instruments can struggle with sample security, versatility of sample types (tubes, bags, on-line and canisters), trap cooling issues, and only work with costly helium carrier gas.

Now is the time to trade-up your existing TD unit to a state-of-the-art Markes -xr series instrument and overcome all those niggling issues.
We’re currently offering up to 25% discount when you trade-up your current TD unit to one of our latest -xr series TD instruments. This offer is valid until 31 December 2024.

Why Markes -xr series thermal desorption systems?

  • Reduce costs and eliminate dependency on helium supply – Choose from He, N2 or H2 as a carrier gas with our award-winning Multi-Gas technology.
  • Sample security – Markes’ TD systems offer quantitative sample re-collection for repeat analysis. This overcomes the ‘one-shot’ limitation of other TD systems, offers simple method/data validation, and extends the dynamic range of analytes, ranging from ppt to % levels.
  • Robust operation – Markes’ TD systems operate cryogen-free for lower operating costs and ice-free operation.
  • Broadest application range on one TD platform – Markes’ TD systems are compatible with organic compounds ranging in volatility from C2 to n-C44 hydrocarbons plus reactive and thermally labile compounds.

Markes, the global leader for TD technology

  • Technology leader with 25 years’ expertise in thermal desorption.
  • Local support through one of our global offices or partners.
  • Standard-method compliant.