Xprep C-IC

The world’s first independent sample preparation system for Combustion Ion Chromatography analysis

The world’s first independent sample preparation system for Combustion Ion Chromatography analysis: XPREP C-IC

This unique configuration redefines automated combustion IC analysis through its innovative design and functionalities.

System description

Besides full control over sample combustion, the XPREP C-IC not only collects the oxidized gas stream, but also automatically transfers a fraction of the absorbance solution to any renowned IC system. The ideal solution to cover the increasing demand for analysis of corrosive halogens (Fluor, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine) and sulfur compounds (e.g. Sulfate, Sulfite, Thiosulfate) in different matrices. These analytes need to be monitored because they are corrosive, poison catalysts, damage industrial equipment, and are harmful to the environment.

TE Instruments developed a fully automated, extremely compact sample preparation system covering the oxidative pyrohydrolytic combustion, fraction collection, and sample injection towards the IC. The XPREP C-IC can introduce samples both via optimized direct injection (liquids module) and conventional boat-inlet (boat module) into a horizontal furnace. This automated sample-prep solution reduces complexity of sample transfer and significantly improves user convenience.

XPREP C-IC is the only combustion system capable of introducing samples for combustion both via direct injection (liquids module) and boat-inlet (boat module) into a horizontal furnace. Introduction of low boiling liquid samples by direct injection has multiple benefits compared to boat-inlet.

Product Specialist

Mikael Alfredsson

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  • Temperature controlled (500 °C) – Controlled sample dispense of 1 µL/s by automated syringe

    • Controlled evaporation of liquid sample into the gas phase, transferred by the inert carrier gas into the combustion zone.
    • Controlled sample combustion prevents soot or coke formation, a result of incomplete combustion.
    • Improves the repeatability for automated C-IC analysis.
    • Eliminates the need for a boat program, decreases time of analysis.

  • Enables a larger sample volume up to 100 µL

    • Improves IC-detection limit compared with boat introduction (limited sample volume).
    • Multiple injections from the same sample can be introduced, combusted and absorbed for a single IC analysis.

Key Features XPREP C-IC

  • 65 position Fraction Collection Unit

    • Accurate and repeatable absorbent dosing.
    • Immediate analysis or storage of combusted samples
    • 65 Sample Positions, eliminates rinsing between samples

  • Speciated Halides and Sulfur analysis by any renowned IC

    • Accurate injection of combusted sample into any renowned IC

  • Small footprint

    • Half the size compared to existing C-IC configurations

  • Integrated Sampling System – Fraction Collector

    • Fully controls dosing of reagents and absorption of samples

  • Automated Sample Introduction – Combustion Unit

    • Robust sampling systems for all matrices

  • Oxidative pyrohydrolitic combustion of solids, liquids, gas and LPG

    • Robust furnace
    • Specially developed combustion tube
    • Powerful combustion capacity

  • Typical Applications:

    • Petrochemicals
    • (Bio)Fuels
    • LPG & Gas
    • Lubricants
    • Organic Solvents & Chemicals
    • Polymers
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Electronic Components (e.g. RoHS compliance)

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