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DMA-80 evo

DMA-80 evo

Expand your lab's efficiency with unmatchable ease of use

The Milestone DMA-80 evo is a direct mercury analyzer of solid, liquid, and gas samples. Analysis time is 5 minutes only and no sample preparation is required.

Save Time. Go Direct for Mercury Analysis

The Milestone DMA-80 has been at the forefront of direct total mercury analysis for almost two decades. The challenges in mercury determination are well known to analysts who who often face a number of issues connected with tedious sample preparation process or the mercury analysis steps causing memory effect even after long cleaning cycles performed using latest generation of ICP-MS or cold vapor systems.
The DMA-80 mercury determination system can analyze any matrix (solid, liquid or gas) without any pre-treatment or chemical additions in as few as 6 minutes in full compliance with EPA method 7473. With thousands of units installed, Milestone defines the benchmark for direct mercury determination a wide range of industries: environmental, food energy, cement, cosmetics, agriculture, mining and petrochemical.

  • Improved design from the outside out for superior performance event at the ppt level.

  • Easy-to-use technology with a single long-lasting calibration for all matrices.

  • No memory effect thanks to the revolutionary autoblank feature.

  • Milestone Connect for 30-years of experience at your fingertips

  • Fully compliant with US EPA Method 7473, ASTM method D-6722-01 and D-7623-10.

  • ● Maximize your ROI with an easy-to-maintain system and reliable components.

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GO DIRECT FOR ANY SAMPLE and every sample

The DMA-80 evo has seamlessly integrated a wide range of applications and industries. It is used for for mercury determination in environmental applications such as soil, wastewater, sediment and waste testing. It has also been adopted into the food industry, where fish testing is the primary application.


 The DMA-80 evo is an easy-to-maintain system with a low running cost. Its advanced components are synonymous with reliability, ensuring the same quality over and over again. The DMA-80 evo runs perfectly with either compressed air or oxygen as a carrier, providing additional savings to your lab without compromising on performance.

even at the ppt level

The DMA-80 evo double beam dramatically increases the signal-to-noise ratio, which greatly improves the quantification limit, enabling accurate and precise mercury determination even at the ppt level. This increased signal stability improves the reproducibility and reliability of analysis even at low concentrations.


A single calibration, done withusing liquid or solid references materials, suits all wide variety of samples, over a wide concentration range: from ppt to ppmwith concentrations ranging from PPM to PPT. The DMA-80 evo’s calibration provides long-term reliability thanks to the stability of the system and the long lifetime of the catalyst tube and gold amalgamator. These features allow you to eliminates the daily calibrations often required by conventional instrumentation.

NIST 1568a Rice Flour 5.8 ± 0.5 5.9 ± 0.2
BCR-150 Skim Milk Powder 7.7 - 11.1 9.2 ± 0.2
NIST 1630a Coal 93.8 ± 3.7 93.4 ± 2.4
NIST 1633b Fly Ash 141 ± 19 149 ± 2
BCR-61 Acquatic Plant 210 ± 250 221 ± 3
GSD-10 Stream Sediment 280 ± 40 270 ± 15
BCR-422 Cod Muscle 543 - 575 558 ± 8
Results of various certified reference materials using the same calibration

Forget About Memory Effect

Milestone’s DMA-80 evo fully overcomes it with a revolultionary feature: the Autoblank. This, along with the other high performance components of the system, eliminates overestimation and ensures low blanks, thus enhancing user confidence in the data collected, while still ensuring high productivity.

  • Seabass


    Hg: 1239.66 μg/Kg

    Direct Hg analysis in a seabass sample

  • Auto-Blank

    Hg: -

    As the Hg concentration is above the setted value in the Autoblank, the system automatically starts a blank cycle.

  • Lobster Hepatopancreas (TORT-3)

    Hg: 287.65 µg/Kg | Certified value: 292 ± 22 μg/Kg

    Thanks to the Autoblank feature the next sample is analised with great precision and accuracy, avoiding overestimation.

Milestone Connect

Milestone Connect offers 30-years of experience at your fingertips. This web-based app allows you to become a part of the Milestone community and gain exclusive access to a robust library of information: lists of parts, technical notes, user manuals, video tutorials, continuously updated application notes and all relevant scientific articles. Milestone Connect also extends instrument control to your smartphone, tablet or PC, allowing remote monitoring of the system. With Milestone Connect you get instant access to support 24/7.

Improved design from the inside out

The analysis process starts with weighing sample into a boat and then running it through thermal decomposition under air or oxygen flow. All mercury and residual combustion products then flow into the catalyst section. Here, interferences are removed and the mercury species are reduced and trapped on a gold amalgamator with subsequent release into multiple measuring cells positioned along the spectrophotometer's optical path. The DMA-80 evo double beam dramatically reduces the signal to noise ratio, which greatly improves the quantification limit, enabling accurate and precise mercury determination even at the ppt level. This increased signal stability improves the reproducibility and reliability of analysis even at low concentrations.

DMA-80 evo schematics