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Sound Isolation boxes

The Sonation SSH series

Our sound protection hoods of the SSH series are designed for the insulation of backing pumps, as they are often used in analytical laboratories. Designed to meet a wide range of needs, our models can insulate virtually any piece of equipment.
Learn how Sonation products can improve your lab environment and how they are manufactured. Noise protection in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. Whereas laboratories used to be rather quiet workplaces, they now contain a large number of devices, some of which cause immense noise levels. The most common sources are vacuum pumps, ultrasonic cleaning devices and water coolers. In the worst case, the noise can have a detrimental effect on health. But even lower noise levels significantly impair the ability to concentrate. Especially in scientific work, however, a high level of concentration is crucial. Sonation offers appropriate sound insulation solutions for all common noise sources in the laboratory.
With the different models, almost any device can be insulated. If a device does not fit into one of the series products, special designs with customer-specific dimensions are also possible.

Sound insulation for ultrasonic baths

The cavitation noise of ultrasonic baths is one of the most unpleasant noises in the laboratory. Due to the principle, small steam bubbles are constantly created in the ultrasonic bath and implode again shortly afterwards. This has the desired cleaning effect, but also produces very unpleasant noise. Regular exposure can lead to hearing damage, which is why it is recommended to wear hearing protection when handling ultrasonic baths or to encapsulate the bath accordingly.
The USBB Series models have been specifically designed to attenuate ultrasonic baths in laboratories.
The four available models USBB-S, USBB-M, USBB-L and USBB-XL cover almost all ultrasonic baths used in laboratories.
However, should it happen that no size fits, also custom models are possible.