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Air Release Value System - 15840-0

Petroleum and Fuel Analysis

Determine the air release properties of hydrocarbon based oils in accordance with ASTM, IP and other methods

The system comprises of a benchtop instrument with integrated density balance, heater, temperature control system, pressure regulation and microprocessor based control system.

A unique slider arrangement allows the user to easily position the test vessel throughout the test cycle.

System Description

  • ● Multi-station sample management platform

  • ●  Touch screen display and auto test commandsO 60970 and ISO 4406 loaded as standard

  • ● Circulated heating

  • ● Automated and integrated density monitoring

  • ● Automatic result calculation

  • ● Results storage for over 10,000 tests

  • ● Full LIMS connectivity

  • ● Quick connectors for ease of sample handling

  • ● CE marked

  • ● Automated calibration procedure

Product Specialist

Mikael Alfredsson Kovalent

Mikael Alfredsson

"Our expert in Digestion, Extraction, Syntesis and Evaporation with more than 20 years experience in the field of sales and service. Contact me for if you have questions or need a quotation"

Additional Information

Operator Safety:
- No need to handle hot sample vessel
- Exhaust filter system extracts noxious flames
- Heating prevented when there is no air flow
- Safety cut-out prevents overheating
- Protective safety shield around vessel

Ease of Use:
- Removes traditional operator problems
- Sinker is permanently fixed to balance and sample raised up over it
- A mechanical vessel platform allows you to move the sample quickly and precisely between test modes

Precision and Accuracy:
- Automatic timing and regulated aeration ensures stable density and test repeatability

Enhanced Test Throughput:
- Temperature control minimises sample heat loss and speeds up start of test
- Automated test sequence optimises time take for each stage of test
- Quick connectors on glass vessels minimise assembly and cleaning time
- Allows preheated samples to be tested in rapid succession


  • ● Lubricants


  • ● ASTM D3427

  • ● IP 313

  • ● BS 2000-313

  • ● ISO 9120