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Flash Point Testers

Flashpoint testers are crucial devices in industries handling flammable substances, determining the lowest temperature at which a substance emits vapors ignitable by an open flame or spark. These testers ensure safe storage, transportation, and usage of volatile materials, preventing accidents and ensuring regulatory compliance. Used in sectors like petroleum and chemicals, they aid in risk assessment and safety protocols. With various testing methods, these testers provide precise measurements, guiding engineers and researchers. By accurately establishing a substance's flammability, flashpoint testers play a vital role in minimizing fire hazards, safeguarding personnel and assets, making them indispensable tools for ensuring workplace safety.

Stanhope-Seta flash point testers are universally specified in many international regulations to define and classify ‘flammable’ and ‘combustible’ substances. They provide the most precise and fastest means of carrying out flash point tests both in the laboratory and the field.