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Microwave Ashing Furnaces

The application of microwave technology for ashing procedures has resulted in a significant improvement in internal quality control and in some cases sample preparation procedures.
While many laboratories still use a traditional muffle furnace or electrical furnaces to ash samples for process control purposes, these techniques can be time-consuming – often taking hours per run. This can result in high energy usage and ultimately, high operating costs. In addition, use of traditional furnaces have a tendency to diffuse heat and odors, which can lead to an uncomfortable working environment. To avoid subsequent high-energy usage, high-operating costs and increase total cost-effectiveness of a lab, we present microwave ashing and suphate ashing system PYRO featuring advanced muffle furnace. Milestone’s PYRO Microwave Muffle Furnace Ashing System offers an excellent alternative to conventional muffle furnace techniques. Our solution helped laboratories to optimize processes like residue on ignition and loss on ignition (LOI) in a variety of industries to improve their efficiency.