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Microwave Digestion

Effective microwave digestion is the first and fundamental step for successful sample preparation for ICP-MS analysis as well as AA/ICP-OES.
If there is no confidence in initial sample preparation stage, then there can be no confidence in the results from subsequent analyses. Complete digestion is therefore essential for achieving accurate results in metal analysis. Since 1988, Milestone has provided microwave systems featured by unmatched throughput, safety and performance. These decades of experience have led to the development of the most intelligent yet powerful microwave digestion instruments to satisfy a wide array of application needs.

The ETHOS UP fully embodies Milestone’s philosophy in microwave sample preparation. Specifically designed for closed vessel microwave acid digestion, it offers productivity, safety, ease of use, connectivity, expertise and application flexibility. The ETHOS LEAN was specifically designed to provide high-quality closed-vessel acid digestion for labs with limited throughput needs.

The ultraWAVE is based on the SRC (Single Reaction Chamber technology), invented by Milestone several years ago (Patents pending). SRC technology achieves extraordinary performance capabilities combining microwave heating with a high-pressure reactor which acts simultaneously as microwave cavity and vessel. Milestone has now released the third generation of this technique - ultraWAVE 3!