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Ethos X for Natural Products

Ethos X for Natural Products

Microwave Green Extraction of Natural Products

Available in two different and interchangeable configurations, for fragrances and for flavors, the ETHOS X takes advantage of the unique microwave microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity technique for high-quality essential oils extraction.

Wish to get high-quality essential oils?

The analytical procedure for flavors and fragrances extraction from plants or spices comprises two steps: extraction by steam distillation or hydro-distillation, and analysis by GC or GC-MS. While the analysis step requires just few minutes, extraction takes several hours, using a standard procedure based on the Clevenger (1928 year!).
To address these limitations, Milestone has developed the new ETHOS X for the solvent-less extraction of natural products. It takes advantage of the unique microwave selective heating mechanism. The internal heating of the water within the sample distends its cells and leads to rupture of the glands and oleiferous receptacles. This process thus frees essential oil, and the flavors extracts is evaporated by the in-situ water of the plant material.

  • Fast, Solvent-less extraction

  • No work-up

  • High extracts purity

  • No thermal degradation

Product Specialist

Mikael Alfredsson Kovalent AB

Mikael Alfredsson

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Prof. Farid Chemat, University of Avignon, France

Prof. Farid Chemat is full professor of chemistry and director of Green Extraction Laboratory where 200 international scientists deal with innovative techniques.

Choose your preferred setup

Two Different Configurations

Fragrances Extraction

The Fragrances configuration for ETHOS X is based on the solvent-free microwave extraction (SFME) technology for the rapid extraction of essential oils from aromatic herbs, spices and dry seeds, developed at the Laboratory of Chemistry of Natural Substances and Food Sciences at the Université de la Réunion, France (European patents EP 1 439 218, EP 1 618 798 and EP 1 629 725). The ETHOS X performs solvent-free microwave extraction at atmospheric pressure of fragrances, such as essential oils, in plant material. The method involves placing the sample in the microwave reactor, without any added solvent or water. A cooling system outside the microwave continuously condenses the vapors which are collected in a dedicated fragrances glassware. The excess of water is refluxed back to the extraction vessel to restore the in-situ water of the sample.
Once the essential oils have been extracted, they can be analyzed directly by GC-MS without any preliminary clean-up or solvent exchange steps. High quality fragrances are obtained without residual solvents, contaminants and artifacts.

Fragrances Extraction

Flavors Extraction

The Flavors configuration is based on the microwave hydro-diffusion and gravity technology (MHG), a new and green method of essential oils extracted from different kinds of aromatic plants, which led to the grant of the European patent EP 1 955 749. The microwave hydro-diffusion and gravity technology (MHG) is an original “upside down” microwave alembic, combining microwave heating and earth gravity at atmospheric pressure. This technology allows the flavors to diffuse outside the plant material, dropping by earth gravity out of the microwave reactor. A cooling system outside the microwave oven continuously condenses the extract. The extraction process takes place without the need of distillation and evaporation, some of the most energy demanding operations commonly required. Whereas traditional processes are carried out in 3 hours or more, solvent-free microwaves hydro-diffusion plus gravity requires less than 30 minutes.
Once the essential oils have been extracted, they can be analyzed directly by GC-MS without any preliminary clean-up or solvent exchange steps. The ETHOS X in the Flavors configuration allows the microwave extraction of natural flavoring substances and non-volatile compounds such as pigments, flavonoids and carotenoids.

Flavors Extraction

Unique Microwave Platform

The new Milestone ETHOS X microwave cavity has a volume of 70 liters, by far the largest currently available, allowing the user to configure glass reactors from 2 up to 12 liters of volume.

Unique Microwave Platform

2, 5 and 12 liters glass reactors for fragrances and flavors

Highest Microwave Power

The ETHOS X is equipped with two 950 Watt magnetrons for a total of 1900 Watt making it the most powerful microwave platform system available for extraction.

Best Extraction Control

The ETHOS X is equipped with the most advanced yet easy to use contact-less temperature sensor for a complete control of the extraction process.

Build-In Exhaust System

The ETHOS X acts as a fume hood, as it incorporates a powerful exhaust system, which cools the reactors.

New User-friendly Software

Compact terminal with an easy-to-read, bright, full-color, touchscreen display. The terminal runs a completely new icon-driven, multi-language software.