CDS Pyroprobe 6200

Model 6200 Pyroprobe adds in an analytical trap to enable collecting analytes using slow rate pyrolysis

Model 6200 Pyroprobe adds in an analytical trap to enable collecting analytes using slow rate pyrolysis

The built-in trap also expands the capability to use a reactant gas (like oxygen and air), and perform thermal desorption on sorbent tubes or larger samples. The 6200 also permits direct pyrolysis to the GC in GC carrier gas. The 6200 is equipped with Drop-In-Sample-Chamber (DISC) technology with easy sample loading and 1.5% RSD.

System description

Pyrolysis is a thermal decomposition process of organic material at elevated temperatures in an anaerobic environment. It involves the cleavage of large complex molecules into smaller, more analytically useful fragments by the thermal energy.

CDS Analytical released the first commercial analytical pyrolyzer (Model 100) in late 60s, and has been proudly making world's best pyrolyzers for over 50 years. Our products have evolved through 6 generations and represent the industries highest standard.

  • Newly Designed Oven with High Temperature Valve - The newly designed valve oven guarantees the sample path is evenly heated without cold spots. A heating temperature of 350 °C assures minimal carry over.

  • Windows 10 Compatible Software - The 6th generation CDS Pyroprobe has completely redesigned software for modern PC systems. It is also backward compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  • Built-In Leak Check - This feature allows you to carry out pyrolysis studies with peace of mind. The self diagnosis capabilities can identify the leaking zones when attempting to trouble shoot the system.

  • Easy Maintenance - The 6200 is designed with quick access panels for easy diagnosis and quick exchange of parts to minimize instrument downtime.

  • Touch Screen Interface - The CDS 6200 Pyroprobe has the industry leading user interface through a high resolution 4.5" touch screen. 

  • Versatile Accesories - The 6200 comes with a Multi-Purpose Rail Mount (MPRM) to allow easy mounting of optional accessory modules, such as the Autosampler, 1/2" manual probe and 1//4" ribbon probe.

  • Powerful Library - The CDS library has 500+ industry standard polymers and 500+ polymer additives. This powerful library helps to address the need to identify unknown compounds from pyrolysis.

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Main Features



The 6200 is equipped with the revolutionary Drop In Sample Chamber (DISC) sample loading system. This system makes the loading of pyrolysis tubes a quick and trouble-free operation.

Easy Sample Prep

Easy Sample Prep

The DISC system is using a novel DISC tube to simplify the sample preparation process. No quartz wool is needed and the sample filling is as easy as dropping a straw into a drink.

Unparalleled Reproducibility

Unparalleled Reproducibility

The DISC system brings an amazing 1.5% RSD for 5 run pyrolysis of Polystyrene at 600 °C by holding 0.1 °C temperature accuracy and calibrated temperature precision.

Superior Resolution

Superior Resolution

The 6000 series Pyroprobe adopts the computer aided Finite Element Analysis in the sample pathway development. The system could reach C55 for pyrolyzing Polyethylene through GC with a single quad mass-spec.

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