Pyroprobe Autosampler Module

The 6000 series autosampler module provides hands-free and worry-free analysis for an infinite number of samples

The autosampler has 48 positions with capability to add samples on the go. 

System description

The autosampler is driven by a novel hybrid mechanism, combining the reliability from the state-of-art air actuators and the precision from electronic step motors. DISC option is required to be installed with the autosampler module

Product Specialist

Mikael Alfredsson

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Main Features

Dynamic Loading Sequence Table (DLST)

The DLST feature allows users to dynamically add or adjust new samples to the sequence.

Heavy Duty Sample Loading Mechanism

The sample loading mechanism is made of 316 Stainless Steel, which will maximize the life span of the system.

Jam-free Vertical Loading

The autosampler module is an add-on option to the DISC. The sample is gravity fed seamlessly into the DISC chamber.

Hybrid Driving Mechanism

The autosampler module adopts a unique hybrid driving mechanism, which include two high torque air actuator and one high precision stepper motor.

Easy Maintenance

With a screw driver, the autosampler could be completely unmounted and serviced within minutes.

Great Transparency

With the transparent case, you can run the sample with confidence by observing through the autosampler in action.


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