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Service and Support

Our aim is to give you excellent service and support

Our care for customer have since we started in 1992 always been prioritized. We firmly believe that your investment in a laboratory equipment is the beginning  of a long-term relationship with us. We strive to be the Kovalent bond to connect and maintain a working system.

The most important service we can provide for you as customer, is to give excellent service and support under the complete lifetime of your equipment. Our skilled service and support people are always well educated on the equipments we supply.

It’s in our DNA!  

Welcome and join our family too!

Product training

Service Levels

We can offer different levels of service contracts. It starts from  yearly maintanance up to Full-service contracts.

  • ● Pre-Maintanance contract

    Can include 1-6 visits/year depending on equipment and customer usage. Parts are normally charged with 10% discount.

  • ● Full-service contracts

    Include yearly maintance, all emergency visits and parts.