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Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeters

JASCO has produced the highest quality circular dichroism instrumentation for over 50 years. The J-1000 series is the result of many advances in technology combined with a great deal of customer input. These three new models are adaptable to meet any requirements and can be expanded as applications or budgets evolve. The innovative optical system of the J-1700 allows the measurement of a CD spectrum in the near-IR region up to 2,500 nm using an unique Triple Detection system. JASCO J-1700 is ideal for Structural analysis of metal complexes and colored proteins, Magnetic CD spectra measurements of transition metals and CD measurements of the first and second overtones of vibrational transitions

 JASCO J-1500 allows the measurement of a CD spectrum in the vacuum UV region down to 163 nm. The vacuum UV region below 200 nm, is of critical importance for biomolecules, particularly in protein secondary structure estimation. High sensitivity combined with a maximum of 10,000 nm per minute scan speed allows the J-1700/J-1500 to measure samples quickly increasing productivity in your lab. An additional benefit is the minimal time exposure of biological samples to the high-energy UV light minimizing the risk of sample degradation. Stray light will result in distortion of the CD spectrum, particularly in the Far-UV region where the sample absorbance is high. The dual polarizing prism optical design equipped in the J-1000 Series results in stray light lower than 0.0003% enabling them to obtain high quality CD data even under conditions with high absorbance.

 The latest Quad Lock-in Amplifier allows the simultaneous acquisition of up to four data channels including CD, Absorbance, Linear Dichroism (LD), Fluorescence, Fluorescence detected CD (FDCD), Fluorescence detected LD (FDLD), Fluorescence Anisotropy and Optional Rotatory Dispersion (ORD). The following figure shows the multi-probe measurement of Lysozyme showing the simultaneous acquisition of CD, Abs, Ex Fluorescence and Em Fluorescence during a thermal ramping experiment.

 Wide spectral range from vacuum UV to Near-IR (up to 2500 nm) Standard built-in mercury lamp and optional NIST traceable standard sample for system validation. High-efficiency purge capability enabling to enhanced vacuum UV measurement. Extremely low stray light and high S/N ratio providing wide dynamic range.  Simultaneous Multi-probe measurements (SMP) with acquisition of up to four data channels.  Flexible design allowing field upgrades for different measurement modes and accessories as applications evolve.  Spectra Manager II or Spectra Manager CFR (For FDA regulated labs): 64 bit innovative, cross-platform Spectroscopy.  Software Suite for data acquisition, analysis and presentation. Designed as a “Chiroptical Spectroscopy Workbench” the J-1500 offers a wide range of accessories to allow it to be adapted to any application requirements. Temperature ramping, protein folding, enzyme kinetics, DNA/RNA interactions, natural organic chemistry, biochemistry, macromolecules and rapid scanning experiments are all possible.

 The J-1100 offers the basic cell holders for general CD/LD/Abs and Temperature control measurements.