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J-1100 Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer

J-1100 Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer

The basic, compact model for research, QA/QC and teaching applications.

The J-1100 Circular Dichroism spectrophotometer is a compact, general-purpose space-saving design. This simple yet powerful instrument is perfect for users looking to obtain more routine CD measurements in both industry and academia.

System description

The J-1100 uses simple optimized parameters so that a wide range of users with different levels of CD knowledge can get right down to work and successfully obtain high quality data. The wavelength range from 180 to 600 nm is suitable for obtaining secondary and tertiary structure measurements in the near- and far- UV. When fitted with a Peltier cell holder, the J-1100 be used for measurement of CD, LD and absorbance as a function of wavelength, temperature and time.

The intuitive Spectra Manager™ Suite of spectroscopy software provides the user with sample measurement, independent from the data processing and analysis. This allows users to obtain new measurements while simultaneously analyzing previously acquired data for increased productivity.
  • ● Wavelength range 180-600 nm
  • ● Low stray light
  • ● Simultaneous measurement of CD, LD and  absorbance
  • ● Integrated Hg lamp for wavelength calibration
  • ● Three scanning modes: auto, step and continuous
  • ● Highly efficient nitrogen purge system: low volume monochromator designed using a flow simulator

Product Specialist

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Mats Grapne

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