Jasco FP-8700 Spectrofluorometer

FP-8700 NIR Spectrofluorometer with a liquid nitrogen cooled PMT detector for applications that require high sensitivity measurements into the near infrared (1700 nm).

The FP-8700 NIR spectrofluorometer is a wide range version of the FP-8600 and includes a choice of two different liquid N2 cooled PMT detectors for greatly enhanced sensitivity in the NIR region to 1400 nm (1700 nm as an option)

Jasco FP-8700 Spectrofluorometer

The FP-8700 is typically used for up-conversion experiments that require on a laser double-photon excitation of an electron. This expanding field is useful for research into some new applications biological dyes and carbon structural analysis. The instrument can be calibrated for quantum efficiency/yield measurements using the calibrated light source with a pattern file correction to 1700nm.
  • ● Liquid N2 cooled PMT
  • ● Emission wavelength 300-1400 nm (1700 nm as option)
  • ● Laser excitation for up-conversion measurement (with safety interlock)
  • ● 3D Spectrum analysis for fluorescence characterization
  • ● Spectral correction for quantum yield/quantum efficiency measurements
  • ● Optional Liquid N2 cooled integrating sphere

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Instrument Performance

  • Highest Sensitivity

    The high throughput optical system and low noise signal processing of the FP-8000 Series provides users with a high S/N (signal-to-noise) performance of up to 5,000:1 (RMS). The advanced A/D converter enables rapid sampling and the high speed signal processing system that immediately converts the fluorescence signal from the detector to a digital signal without introducing any additional noise.

  • Wide Dynamic Range

    A wide dynamic range for luminescence measurements is obtained by using the Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS features, automatically adjusting the detector gain and sensitivity for optimum measurements.


Auto-Gain automatically adjusts the gain of a signal from the detector, so that the S/N is optimized throughout the entire scan range for spectral or time course measurements. Since quantum yield measurements can produce peaks that vary greatly in fluorescence intensity, the auto-gain function assures the accuracy of the measurement.


The Auto Sensitivity Control System (SCS) allows users to create calibration curves for a wide concentration range without having to manually change the instrument Sensitivity settings. Auto-SCS can obtain measurements of sub-picomolar to micromolar concentrations for fixed wavelength measurements and quantitative analyses.

Automatic Band-Pass Filter for Higher-Order Diffraction

The new automatic band-pass filters remove peaks originating from higher-order diffracted light to provide simple and reliable spectral acquisition and analysis. The band-pass filters can also be used for spectral corrections, 3D measurements, and quantum yield determination.
  • Spectral Correction

    JASCO has developed a spectral correction system to provide greater accuracy covering a larger wavelength range. While traditionally Rhodamine B was used for spectral correction of the excitation spectra, the use of calibrated deuterium and tungsten halogen light sources and calibrated detector now provide corrected data which can be directly observed from the UV to NIR spectral regions.
  • Automatic Accessory Recognition

    When an accessory is attached to the instrument sample compartment, Spectra Manager™ automatically recognizes the installed accessory. Previously used instrument parameters associated with the accessory are recalled and information such as the accessory name and serial number are logged with the measurement file information. The IQ start system in conjunction with IQ Accessory recognition allows rapid access to pre-defined analysis methods.

Overview FP-8000 series

A fluorometer with aberration free optical system incorporating a high intensity continuous xenon source for unsurpassed sensitivity.
Each FP-8000 Series Fluorometer has an optical bench designed specifically for high sensitivity measurements with a range of features that makes it excellent for applications that require precise data. The FP-8000 Series of spectro-fluorometers has been developed for a variety of applications including biomolecular structure, advanced materials research, and quantum yield measurements.

Features of the FP-8000 Series Fluorometer
  • High throughput optical system
  • Wide dynamic range for high sensitivity measurements (at least 6 orders of magnitude) using Auto Gain and Auto Sensitivity Control System for optimal S/N
  • Variable spectral bandwidth down to 1 nm to resolve narrow spectral features
  • Automatic band-pass filters for higher order diffraction
  • High speed scanning for rapid data acquisition
  • Spectral Correction for Quantum Yield measurements
Unique Features and Accessories
  • Range of precise temperature control accessories
  • Automatic polarizers for anisotropy measurements (with temperature control)
  • Integrating spheres for Quantum Yield measurements
  • Microplate Reader for rapid sample throughput
  • Microsampling accessories for small volume samples
  • Stopped-flow system for rapid kinetics
  • Spectra Manager™ Suite software for control and data analysis
  • Flexible design allows for field upgrades for different measurements  as applications and budgets evolve
Versatility for a Wide Range of Applications
  • Protein dynamics
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Cellular membrane studies
  • Enzyme kineticsCarbon nanostructures
  • Characterization of fluorescent probes
  • Short life-time phosphorescence measurements
  • Thermal stability measurements


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