FT-IR Microscopes

Micro FT-IR is generally used for measuring specified samples such as small contaminants on films or plates.

JASCO’ s innovative FT-IR Microscopes, the IRT-5000/7000 Series provide new functions that dramatically improve infrared micro-spectroscopy analyses. These microscopes can be easily interfaced with either the FT/IR-4X, FT/IR-6X or FT/IR-8X series spectrometers, offering the most advanced microscopy and imaging systems available in the market today. Coupling JASCO’ s proven technology for infrared spectroscopy (accumulated over 50 years) with the most advanced optical design, the IRT-5000/7000 Series offer the best solution for even the most challenging sample analyses.

The Irtronμ sample compartment microscopy system is designed to provide affordable analysis of microscopic samples with the high performance features of an external FT-IR microscope accessory.

The IRT-5100 is general purpose FT-IR microscope employing DLATGS detector with no need for liquid nitrogen cooling. The IRT-5100 employs up to two detectors which can be installed simultaneously as an option. An optional automatic X-Y-Z sample stage enables auto-focus and mapping analysis.

 The IRT-5200 FT-IR microscope employs a mid-band MCT detector as standard, while up to two detectors can be simultaneously installed as an option. The standard “IQ Mapping” function allows multi-point, line, area and ATR mapping experiments without moving the sample stage, in addition to single-point measurements. An optional automatic X-Y-Z sample stage enables auto-focus and mapping analysis of larger sample areas.

 The IRT-7100 FT-IR fully automated microscope employs a mid-band MCT detector as standard, while up to two detectors can be simultaneously installed as an option. It is easily field-upgradable to an IR imaging system by adding an optional linear array detector. The standard automatic sample stage provides wide area mapping and multi-ATR mapping by combining the “IQ Mapping” function with the XYZ auto-stage.

 The IRT-7200 FT-IR multi-channel microscope offers two detectors as standard, a 16-channel linear array detector and a single-point MCT detector. The combination of the standard automatic sample stage and “IQ Mapping” function allows mapping analyses of a larger sample area, multi-area ATR mapping, and IR imaging of a specific area with extremely high spatial resolution and excellent sensitivity in a short time.

 The Irtronμ offers unprecedented convenience and ease of use, compatible with the JASCO FT/IR-4000 and 6000 Series FT-IR instruments. The microscope accessory installs into the spectrometer sample compartment in seconds without optical alignment. The state-of-the-art optical design guarantees high throughput for highly sensitive measurements of samples approaching 20 microns.

Available on IRT-5000/7000 Series, the "Clear-View" ATR objective enables a simultaneous sample view even during ATR data collection after the ATR crystal element contacts the sample. The IQ Mapping enables automated multi-point mapping, line mapping, grid mapping and IR Imaging analyses of a microscopic area with a manual sample stage and a single element detector.

The IQ Mapping coupled with "Clear-View" ATR objective allows ATR mapping and ATR Imaging of any sample in contact with the ATR objective without moving the sample stage or ATR objective, while observing the entire area of the sample that is in contact with the crystal element. This function provides high-speed and cross-contaminant free measurements of a small sampling area.


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