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Jasco Irtronμ

The Irtronμ in-compartment FTIR microscope provides simple analysis of microscopic samples.

The Irtronμ is a compact and easy to use in-compartment FTIR microscope that can be used with any FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 Series instrument.

System description

The microscope is exchanged in the same way as an ATR or transmission holder in the sample compartment, without an requirement for adjustment or optical alignment. The excellent throughput allows for highly sensitive measurements for samples as small as 20 microns. The IRT-1000 can be operated from the integrated touch panel and a PC using Spectra Manager™ Suite. Sample is observation is made with an integrated color CCD camera and a 5 inch TFT color LCD monitor and recorded using the imaging function in Spectra Manager™. JASCO’s unique ATOS (Aperture Through Optical System) provides simultaneous viewing of the sample image and sampling location specified by an aperture.

  • ● Easy location in the sample compartment – within seconds. No optical alignment is required before measurements
  • ● Manual stage for moving and focusing the sample measurement area
  • ●Three measurement modes: Transmittance, Reflectance, and ATR
  • ● DLaTGS detector in FTIR main instrument (standard)
  • ● MCT detector or NIR optimized detector (optional)
  • ● Optional sampling accessories for liquid and powder samples
  • ● Unique sample observation system allows observation of the sample, even during measurements
  • ● Measurement and processing are performed by Spectra Manager™. A video capture of the sample view is stored in the spectral data file

Product Specialist

Mats Grapne

"More than 30 years experience in the field of HPLC, Spectroscopy and other analytical equipments. Contact me if you have questions or need a quotation"
  • ATR Objectives (Optional)

    Model NameATR-1000-VZATR-1000-VGATR-1000-VD
    Wavelength Range (cm-1) 4000 to 650 4000 to 650 4000 to 300
    Objective Mirror      
    Angle of Incidence 40 to 53°    
    Numerical Aperture 0.8    
    Magnification 12x    
    Prism Material ZnSe Ge Diamond
    Refractive Index 2.4 4.0 2.4
    Sample Area 250 µm diameter    
    Number of Reflections 1 1 1
    Objective Dimensions 86 mm diam. x 49 mm height    
    Weight Approximately 430 g
    Recommended Pressure (Using Optional Pressure Sensor Stage) up to 0.4
    up to 0.7

    IRT-1000 Microscope Specifications

    Measurement Method Transmission, Reflection (standard), ATR (optional)
    Sample Observation CCD camera (standard)
    Objective Mirror x8 cassegrain
    Condenser Mirror x8 cassegrain with transmission compensation
    Objective Selection Manual exchange with no alignment required
    Detectors Selection from available instrument detectors
    Sample Observation Area 1.2 x 0.9 mm
    Observation Method (ATOS) CCD camera, 5 inch LCD

    ATOS: Aperture Through Optical System
    Minimum Measurement Area 20 µm2 (MCT detector)

    100 µm2 (DLaTGS detector)
    Wavenumber Range 13,000 to 300 cm2 (dependent upon FTIR configuration)
    Sample Stage X-Y-Z manual stage
    Aperture Independent X and Y variable aperture
    Purge SmartPurge™ System (FT/IR-4000, 6000)
    Sample Illumination Transmission/reflection (adjustable intensity)
    Dimensions 144 (W) x 312 (D) x 292 (H) mm
    Weight 7 kg
    Power Requirements DC12V 8W (110/220 V adapter included)