New FT/IR-4X

JASCO is proud to offer unrivaled, class-leading performance in FTIR spectroscopy

JASCO has its roots in the Institute of Optics – Tokyo University of Education which developed Japan’s first infrared spectrophotometer, Model DS-101, in 1954. Since the establishment of the company in 1958, we have inherited the spirit of our predecessors in infrared spectrophotometry and have completed the FT/IR-4X as the culmination of our work. The size is only 386 (W) × 479 (D) mm, and we have also achieved a 30 % reduction in power consumption compared to conventional models.

Ideal for high resolution applications

The FT/IR-4X is research-grade in performance, functionality and expandability, and supports high resolution, high S/N, high sensitivity detectors, extending measurement wavenumber, microscopy with linear array detector, and rapid scan. The sample compartment is 200 mm wide, the same width as that of a high-end model, and can accommodate conventional accessories, including those from third parties. FT/IR-4X series offers reliable operation with industry-leading sensitivity and the most advanced technology available today. Their instrument features are as below;

  • ● Stable Interferometer

  • ● Excellent S/N Ratio

  • ● High Sensitivity Detectors

  • ● Wavenumber Extension

  • ● Vibration-Free Optical Bench

  • ● Moisture Protection

  • ● Removal of Interferences from CO2 and H2O

  • ● KnowItAll™ Informatics

  • ● GxP/FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

  • ● Microscope/IR Imaging

Product Specialist

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Mats Grapne

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The 45 degrees Michelson interferometer with corner-cube mirrors used in the FT/IR-4X provides class-leading performance normally found in research-grade spectrometers. Designed principally for use in the mid-IR region it can also be used for dedicated near- and far-IR applications. The rigid cast-aluminum construction, coupled with advanced optical and electrical components, provide performance and durability. The FT/IR-4X also has many options for other measurements, from simple transmission and gas analysis to diffuse and specular reflectance. The FT/IR-4X is well suited to QA/QC, teaching and simple research.

Jasco ATR-Pro


Jasco ATR-Pro Sampling

ATR-Pro Sampling

ATR-Pro View

ATR-Pro View

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