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New FT/IR-8X

FT/IR-8X is our flagship FTIR spectrometer

FT/IR-8X can be used with options for rapid scan measurement and step scan measurement with nanosecond time resolution (up to 10 nsec.). In addition, measurement wavenumber region can be extended as an option, and it is possible to upgrade FT/IR-8X to a vacuum model.

High-grade FTIR for IR spectroscopy analysis

The FT/lR-6X and FT/lR-8X spectrometers offer a highly configurable optical system applicable to virtually any FTIR application, from simple Mid IR measurement to more complex analysis in the farthest reaches of the electromagnetic spectrum. Research-based measurements are easily performed on the FT/lR-6X or FT/lR-8X spectrometers with options such as full-vacuum, gold-coated optics, rapid & step scan and FT-Raman for more advanced experiments.
Exchangeable elements combined with full automation can be used for spectral measurement from 25,000 cm-1 to less than 20 cm-1 without touching the system. The FT/lR-6X and FT/lR-8X spectrometers are compatible with a range of vacuum and configurable emission ports to perform experiments outside the sample compartment, and are also compatible with our comprehensive range of IR microscopes.

  • ● Excellent signal-to-noise ratio (55,000 : 1)

  • ● High resolution (0.07 cm-1)

  • ● Rapid scan option / Step scan option

  • ● Wavenumber range extension option (25,000 to 20 cm-1)

  • ● Vacuum option

Product Specialist

Mats Grapne Kovalent

Mats Grapne

"More than 30 years experience in the field of HPLC, Spectroscopy and other analytical equipments. Contact me if you have questions or need a quotation"

Features of FT/IR-6X/8X 

Advanced hardware

Stable interferometer

High-quality FTIR measurements start with the precision and stability of the interferometer. That is why the FT/IR-6X and FT/IR-8X spectrometers utilize a Michelson interferometer with corner-cube mirrors for permanent alignment to prevent light-path deviation, eliminating the need for dynamic alignment.

3D map

Mechanism of corner-cube mirror

Corner-cube mirrors

Since the interferometer housing has excellent sealing property, it protects the inner optical components, and improves their lifetime. Reliable measurement for a long period is available by using a high luminance ceramic light source with a long lifetime, a DLATGS detector with temperature control and a moisture-resistant KRS-5 window.

Stable interferometer

The high sealability interferometer protects the humidity-sensitive optical elements. A built-in sensor constantly monitors temperature and humidity.

AccuTrac™ DSP control

FT/lR-6X and FT/lR-8X spectrometers control the interferometer drive using the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Compared to analog control of the moving mirror, the DSP system shortens the time interval for speed control. This mechanism provides precise moving mirror control, and enhances the constant-speed performance of the mirror drive.

Stable optical bench

The optical bench’s vibration-proof mounting prevents interference from sources of vibration.

Excellent signal-to-noise ratio

Both the FT/lR-6X and FT/IR-8X achieve exceptional signal-to-noise ratios using DSP control and a 24-bit A/D converter. The FT/lR-6X starts with a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 47,000 : 1 (FT/IR-8X – 55,000 : 1).

High resolution measurement

The highly accurate 28 degrees Michelson interferometer and near frictionless-moving mirror offers class-leading resolution down to 0.07 cm-1.

Sophisticated software

Self-diagnosis and validation

The self-diagnosis function checks the status of the FT/IR-6X or FT/IR-8X at startup. If there is any problem, it will be detected immediately. The diagnosis results are automatically recorded, and it is possible to track the temporal change. Therefore, if there is a problem with the data, you can retrace and check.

Built-in NIST traceable polystyrene film for easy validation. The status of the instrument can be checked daily and can be confirmed the reliability of analysis results.

Navigation function

The navigation function allows even those who are unfamiliar with IR analysis to perform measurements in the same way as experts. Measurement parameters suitable for your measurement purpose can be set by selecting menu according to the navigation.

3D map

Method function

Registering frequently used measurement parameters in the method, you can perform the measurement by just selecting the target method from the next time.

3D map

Advanced Spectra Search program (optional software)

Spectra search support program makes it possible for anyone to perform spectral analysis like an expertise operator. An epoch-making search program that uses machine learning techniques to perform classification without using a database. It has the function of classifying the spectrum of an unknown sample into 35 categories and the function of searching using a data library (approx. 600 data), and both two functions can be executed at the same time.

3D map
3D map