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7850 ICP-MS

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Simple setup and fast, streamlined analysis ensures great results in typical ICP-MS applications

Free your ICP-MS analysis from common time traps with the Agilent 7850 ICP mass spectrometer. It’s the smart way to reduce wasted time so busy staff can focus on tasks that deliver value.​ The 7850 ICP-MS is an ICP mass spectrometer that can handle samples with up to 25% solids, reducing the dilution time trap.

System Description

The instrument features a helium mode collision cell and half mass correction that remove both polyatomic and doubly charged ion interferences, making method development simpler and addressing a common cause of time-wasting sample remeasurement.

Check out how the Agilent 7850 ICP mass spectrometer boosts lab efficiency and helps reclaim wasted time throughout your ICP-MS analysis.

  • ● Standard operating procedures and fully developed methods for regulated and routine methods save you weeks of method development and documentation time.

  • ● Ultra High Matrix Introduction (UHMI) reduces sample preparation time by allowing you to directly analyze samples containing up to 25% total dissolved solids without dilution. ​

  • ● Helium collision cell and half-mass correction remove troublesome polyatomic and doubly-charged interferences that can reduce data quality and increase the need for costly sample remeasurements.​

  • ● Robust hardware allows you to measure high matrix samples without having to matrix-match calibration standards.

  • ● IntelliQuant gives you a complete elemental profile of each sample, helping you to easily identify unusual 

  • ● Outlier Conditional Formatting (OCF) reduces data review times for busy or inexperienced ICP-MS operators by highlighting results that are outside a nominated range or have failed a test requirement.

  • ● Early Maintenance Feedback (EMF) uses sensors and counters to determine when maintenance is needed. Traffic light, color-coded alerts means maintenance tasks are never missed but are also not performed more frequently than necessary.​

  • ● ICP Go is an optional, browser-based user-interface for mobile devices offering simplified set up and control of routine sample batches and is great for ICP-MS operators on the move.​

  • ● Method-specific Analyzer packages containing ICP-MS hardware, software, consumables, professional services and documentation ensure you’ll be running samples in weeks, instead of the months it can take to develop, optimize, verify and document a regulated method.​

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How it works

How to get accurate results for high matrix samples

High matrix samples can cause signal drift and plasma suppression, resulting in inaccurate results and forcing repeat analyses. The 7850’s Ultra High Matrix Introduction system uses an argon stream to dilute samples. Samples with matrix levels up to 25% TDS can be measured without time-consuming and error-prone manual dilutions. ​

The helium collision cell and half-mass correction of the 7850 automatically remove polyatomic and doubly-charged ion interferences. These functions simplify method development and remove a common cause of measurement failure.​

Know more about your samples with IntelliQuant

Unusual sample matrices can cause unexpected issues. Knowing what’s in your samples allows you to avoid problems and costly sample remeasurement. The IntelliQuant software function uses the full mass spectrum to completely profile each sample’s composition. The results are displayed as a heat map, allowing you to quickly identify unexpected or abnormally high levels of elements and sample preparation mistakes. This information helps to confirm dilution factors, calibration ranges and identify possible matrix effects on internal standard elements.

The right maintenance at the right time

Insufficient maintenance can compromise performance and cause unplanned downtime, wasting valuable time. Performing maintenance too frequently also wastes time and increases consumables costs, with no real benefit. Early maintenance feedback uses sensors and counters to determine when maintenance is needed, based on instrument usage. The traffic light color-coded alerts mean that maintenance tasks are never missed, nor performed more frequently than necessary. A well-maintained ICP-MS gives better performance and saves your lab time and money.Dual View mode and more than 40 L on competitor’s instruments.