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Portable FTIR and Raman Instruments

Portable micro-RAMAN Spectrometer

 JASCO’s new RMP-500 Series has been developed to meet the needs of Material Science, Manufacturing and Biochemistry by combining the flexibility of a fiber optic probe with a portable Raman Microspectrometer.

 The RMP-500 Series portable Raman spectrometer systems feature an integrated fiber optic probe with a small X-Y-Z stage, a compact laser, a high-throughput spectrograph and CCD detector. No special utilities such as coolants are required, allowing the system to be used almost anywhere. The flexibility of the optical fiber coupling enables remote measurements by locating the probe right at the sample. The fiber optic probe features an integrated CCD camera for sample positioning and capture of digital sample images. The RMP-500 Series consists of three models, RMP-510, RMP-520, RMP-530 ranging from small, portable units suitable for in-situ measurements to research-grade systems that will meet even the most difficult application requirements.

 The Raman microprobe incorporates a Rayleigh scattering rejection filter, a CCD-TV camera for sample positioning/monitoring and white light illumination. By utilizing the flexibility of the probe head, remote and non-destructive measurements can be achieved with the probe placed close to the sample. With a video CCD camera located in the probe head, the user can view the targeted sample image easily and can perform measurements of solid or powdered samples. The optical fiber length can be expanded up to 100 meters as an option. In addition, other optional Raman probes can be incorporated with any of the RMP-500 instrument systems.

Versatile FT-IR - Portable Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers

 The VIR-100/200/300 series are compact, lightweight, flexible FT-IR systems. The collimated entrance and exit ports make it an ideal instrument for a wide range of applications. The standard instrument includes a hermetically sealed interferometer, DLATGS detector, high intensity source, KRS-5 windows and automatic alignment. Options can be added for increased sensitivity, optional spectral ranges including NIR, and battery operation. The unique MultiChamberIR attachment allows a user to select among three measurement modes from transmittance, ATR and DRIFTS in one attachment. Such multi-measurement modes in one attachment are best suited to incoming inspection of a wide variety of samples ranging from solids to powders to liquids for qualitative and quantitative applications. For even greater flexibility, external connection optics allows the user to install up to three different attachments in one system, selecting the most appropriate application accessory by simply switching the PC controlled optical configuration.

 A further extension of application capabilities can be achieved by integrating the universal optical base to configure a freely customized configuration by simply placing optimized optical components and sample holders onto the base. Thus even a large sample or an attachment which cannot fit in a standard sample compartment can now be utilized without compromise. A wide variety of measurement attachments are available. Furthermore, the Universal optical base allows a user to configure freely customized optics by simply putting mirrors and sample holders onto the bench.